Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Up and at 'em

I was just going to say how it is odd for me to be ready and awakeso early on a Wednesday, and then I just let flythis tremendous yawn. So maybe not so awake.

I think work is going to be agressive today and I am even considering nnot taking a crochet bag. But if I don't bring it, I certainly will need it.

I dreamt this morning of being a substitute teacher for a history class of high school seniors. It was the class no one else wants to teach. The problem children. Oddly enough, all of my own 'problem children', were students in the class. My coworkers I have issue with, mostly, and the occasional nemesis of days gone by. They were all the age they are/were when I was actively engaged with them.

I was told by the principle goiing in that there were 10 objectives that must be addressed. Then he gave me a copy of the final exam for the class which was 10 questions long. He said he did not expect miracles. I told him that he should with me teaching.

The class was unruly and I let them be. Then 2 minutes before the end of class I told them that the only things required of them were courtesy and respect and that I would be grading them on it and it was worth half their final grade so that if I deemed them an F at thoose things, they would need an A on the exam to get a C.

I then told them to be prepared to discuss courtesy and respect the following class.

I said it was weird, yes?


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the dream analysis is almost too easy.