Wednesday, September 21, 2005

On the road again

Fucking September 21st and it's 97 degrees at 6 pm.

My 17 minute ride home took me 1 hour exactly. Well, actually, it took me 20 minutes to gas up at the first gas station I came across leaving work. Then it took me 40 minutes to get home.

Houston is evacuating. Had you heard??

Hurricane Rita is a Cat 5 at the moment with landfall expected sometime late Thursday/early Friday. My theory is that we will suffer absolutely no losses from Rita because Rita is E's mother, our gaurdian angel, Goddess rest her soul. When we are inches from being destitute, Rita somehow steers us through. there is no way anything bad will come to us from a hurricane named Rita.

But...we are on our way to Dallas avec les chiens. Aunt Pat, Rita's sister, called E and said it would be a helluva thing if we made her come to Houston to collect our sorry asses. So we are on our way.

JC Penney even made it easy by deciding (the Sugarland store where I work anyway) to close Thursday to Sunday. Time for a few beers in Dallas.

I will update from Dallas as I can.


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cj said...

Run chicken little, run! Seriously, better safe than sorry.