Saturday, July 30, 2005

Which is worse?

I have a coworker who only works on weekends and as I in general do not work Sunday's, I see her at most once a week. Saturday is usually busy, so there is little, if any, chatty time, especially for a coworker I just don't really care for.

Today when I came in she actually made a point of saying hi to me. I did not think too much of it beyond noticing it seemed odd. She then said," I heard you sort of got remarried a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to pass on congratulations to you and your husband."

Me: I don't have a husband.
Her: I guess that is where the sort of comes in?
Me: No, I have a wife.
Her: Oh.
Her: Well congratulations anyway, I guess.

Then around 5ish, I was talking with two other coworkers, ones I at least like well enough to have a conversation with. As she walked by the desk, she stopped and was listening to the conversation trying to be part of those of us talking. I was relaying the latest drama about my wasband. I was specifically saying what I said to him before I had to hang up on him because he was talking to me in a totally inappropriate way.

Me:...So I said to him, "You know that I won't condone the way you are speaking to me by allowing it to continue. So just so you are not confused, this is not us getting disconnected again. This is me hanging up on you for real. I will call my son tonight when I get home."
Her: Maxine, that is so unChristian of you!
Me: I really don't know which is worse. You presuming I am heterosexual or you presuming I am a christian.

She paused briefly and turned and left the room. My two coworkers I was actually talking to had a hard time stifling their laughter.
CW1:No you didn't...
CW2:Yes she did...

Friday, July 29, 2005


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Could it be true? All the lesbians who meet Kim want to *be* Kim. She is the quintessential lesbian. It is really sad for you if you do not know Kim even as a mere acquaintance.

Me, well i am fortunate enough to be her bestest, so I really know Kim. She is a babe. All around goddess in the flesh. I actually got to have her here in the house, no wait, that doesn't sound quite right, now does it...What I mean to say is she was here in real time twice this year! Unbelievable. And my wife (have we settled on wife?) actually likes her.


Happy Birthday, Ma

I can pretty comfortably say my mom is not a reader here, but I thought it fine to acknowledge it's her special day. I think she is 73 today and I might be struck dead by lightning if in fact she is 72 or, gulp, 71. I really should know this and when I call her later I will certainly ask.

I am going home in a few weeks and will see her then. I guess it has been two years since I saw her last and three years since I saw my dad. My mom is delighted that I have absolutely no agenda for this trip. She is thrilled that my bestest friend Kim has zero likelihood of also visiting her folks at the same time. That means I am available only to her. She really likes it. And, I will have a car. That means galavanting. In a serious way. I will rack up thousands of miles because I have no agenda. Also, because they live in the mountains of upstate NY and you rack up thousands of miles just going to the grocery store.

My youngest son will be meeting me at the Albany airport and I haven't seen him in a year either. My oldest son I haven't seen in three years and I figure he will be cooking me an omelette at the Hilton on Sunday.

I do want to have my sister alter a few dresses for me so I will have to arrange that. And Connor wants to hike into Copperas Pond so that will be a nice day event. Mom wants to do a yard sale on Saturday. Maybe I will see if there is some sort of VT day trip to a flea market or something for Sunday. I know mom is aching to get out of the house without the ball and chain.

And speaking of the ball and chain, E made a comment on Paulie's picture. Actually she was quoting him. We went to lunch with Paul and Fred last week. In discussing it, He sounded weird so I asked him if he wanted to lunch solo or with the ball and chains. He replied without a hitch, (hear Paul Lynde) "Honey, you know I can't wipe my ass without my ball and chain."

Barking dogs, gotta go.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


So I just slept through the early yoga class, but there is plenty of time to get to the eleven o'clock class. Nola certainly likes it. She is just a manic mess on Wednesday mornings because noone goes back to bed after we get up to pee. I think she counts on me sleeping in on Thursday for her recovery.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


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Paul is just the finest man alive. He is the greatest. Paul is a dear.

Some day I might actually get past the pool hall pics from our unofficial bachelorette party. Or is it the rehearsal dinner?

Regardless, we had a lot of fun with our friends at the pool hall on Friday night.

Time for some CD inventory

Sometime during the last year, we bought some lovely silk photo boxes from the Container Store. We are repurposing them to be used for CD storage. Currently, they are holding the CDs loosely in bulk. Since I am between books, I think I might take a box of them to work today to get started on alphabetizing. I got some paper sleeves for them which I will use and the boxes come with dividers. I think a straight alphabetical without sub-categories will be the initial sort.

A few years ago, we had the bright idea to purge ourselves of the bulk of the plastic cases and put the CDs into albums. Not so good for us. I did keep the liner notes for most of them, so that will be step two pf the project, getting the liner notes back wiith their respective CDs.

Box of CDs, paper sleeves, Sharpie, all set to go.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Cafe Artiste

Sitting here and waiting to see if any writer chicks from Houston show up. I do the meet thing in a very informal leave it to the universe sort of way, posting an email to the group saying where I will be writing and when, and if someone shows, they show. I am not disciplined enough to properly facilitate a group. Also, I do not feel like I would want to be a babysitter nagging anyone to do this or do that.

E and I have been here nearly 2 hours and had a lovely dinner and doone some surfing in preparation for our fall vacation and she has a book with her so the time is not lost. I think it is time to go.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Oui, oui...hohon

Oui, oui...hohon
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Not a vibrator.

Edible chocolate body paints. This will likely be the last time they are used on our faces.

Is it a vibrator?

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What is it about the pool hall that brigs out the phallic thoughts? Of course a bunch of lesbians shooting pool and drinking beer let's the energy wind up just a little.

Jenny and Cara brought us a lovely gift. That was so sweet of them. When I saw how it was being photographed, I was wondering if it was a hint as to the contents of the lovely package. Package...AAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Who needs the Red Hat society

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While partying like a rockstar, C heard the call over the PA system at the pool hall.

"The next person to come to the bar in a weird hat gets a free drink."

Lightning speed ensued with C fashioning a hat from a napkin twisted into a bow and a pair of take out chopsticks. In true McGuyver fashion, she used her existing hair clip to secure the hat's position on her head.

Upon getting to the bar, the bartender said he said mint, not drink. She pleaded her case saying she came all the way to TX from NJ for the SLick Willies experience, and she ended up getting a free minty drink. It was a clear shot of something which with a little encouragement, she tossed back like a pro.

We now have a rep at the poolhall. (Like we didn't have one already, yeah, sure.)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Winding down

We survived The Grand Affair.

The band was fabulous.

The food was fabulous. (Yes, I rock!)

Hitaji was simply awesome.

And the company, well, the company was superb.

Fun from beginning to end.

More later.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The eye of the hurricane

I think that is how I am feeling at this very moment. Everything swirling around me and much to be done with barely a plan to conform to. But, ultimately, it's all good and I have faith in the unioverse so I am very calm about it all at this point.

Trisha arrived safely on Wednesday and Kim on Thursday. Today in a couple of hours my neice Crystal will be here.

Also on the agenda today, getting the chairs from the yoga center. I gure we need 35. There will be 30- seated guests and three chairs needed for the band and that gives us two extra. E and T will go get them this morning.

The cooking is to begin today as well. I am making pork tenderloin and chicken wings and mashed potatoes today and E is making lasagna. All of this before we go to Slick Willies for 7 pm.

Of course there was a trial run at Slick Willie's last night.

E has stopped bleeding but has the nastiest bruise on her arm. On top of that, she worked her ass off getting the shower mostly finished yesterday so it was sore on multiple levels. A few beers last night helped ease the discomfort along with some good food from Mi Luna. The FLamenco dancers were just beginning as we were leaving, but the pool hall was calling.

I was put out that we did not remember to bring the camera with us last night. We can be forgetful at times. Providence.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Head spinning

So, if your head spins around too many times at the possibilities of it all, it being life, I suppose, does it remain attached until you get to unwind?

Three trips to the airport this week, work today and tomorrow, yoga, picking up miscellaneous crap all over the place, pool, dogs to the kennel, paint and paint some more. OK, well the painting is E, but I have to watch her do it because I just have to watch her do everything because she is so damn cute and sexy. MMMMMMMMMMM and sex. All that has to be done in a coordinated effort this week. It will all work out fine because it's all good, and the queen of it's all good who scholled me in the philosophy herself, Trisha, will be the first to arrive tomorrow after work.

E's arm is still bleeding a little I think. It looks rather nasty what with tissue threatening to burst forth if she flexes her muscle at all, and she does because there is work to be done dammit. An inch further to the right, and the gash would be through her tattoo. Not pretty. As it is, the gash should have been stitched, three or four times, and the bruise is horrendous. It was visible almost instantly and rather than black and blue, it is pretty much just black.

I wish I had taken pics of the various hodge podge of bandaiding we did. First it was two or three regular size bandaids overlapping slightly. That did the trick for about a minute until they were saturated with blood. Then there was the thought to tape toilet tissue over the wound. More absotbant, yes, but would also stick, so no. Hmmmm...absorbant...blood...LET'S USE KOTEX!! Thus we make the transition from bandaids to panty liners. Whatever get's you through the night, s'alright. S'alright.

I think today E is back to bandaining with the larger one inch bandaids. Whether we had gone to the drug store for the proper bandaids in the first place or whether we go to restock which we now need to do, we still need to add the drugstore to the head spinning to-do list.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Countdown mode

Just one more week until The Grand Affair. Whoosh. My mom sent a contribution and in her letter, said it was from her alone and not to be thanked for in email or phone or anything. This means my dad does not know she sent the check.

So now the question of the day is did he see the invitation and know about the party? If so, there is a likelihiid that he will also send a check.

My mom also said she would take care of the hotel when my son and I come visit for a week in August. I was pretty sure she would, but it is nice to have confirmation.

At some time over the last decade, my mom has gotten very sentimental and emotional. It is nice and touching, of course, but it is still odd to me to notice these qualities in her. She has always been very flat to me. Not quite stone, but certainly some hard edges.

E's observation is of the emotional side as she met my mom about 5 years ago. I wonder if I will ever see the same change in my sister. She is less stone, more angry. She has issues and we are not really close in a way that I know what they are, but I know she has them. My neice has enlightened me a little on that and she and I are closer than her mom and I will ever be. Part of that is that I am closer in age to her than to her mom and she was around a lot when I was younger.

Time for work.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yes, Nola, you're such a good grrl.

I have to suppress the urge to shudder and scold every time, but my dearest Nola tried to bring me another bird today. "That's such a good grrl Nola," I lied..."Now DROP IT!"

She listened immediately and then I pointed away until she went over to the side lawn to squat and pee, which was what we went out for in the first place lest the new carpet tempt her. The bird was sitting there perfectly still, not moving, looking as if the wing was mangled.

After peeing, Nola took the long way around the yard back into the house hoping it might distract me enough for her to slip by and regain her quarry. Once we were back inside, she was laying on the couch and watching her bird. It did not move for a minute or two. I went in to wake E from her nap and asked her to come help me patrol for the bird. I wanted to be sure it was not in the grass anywhere.

Vanished. Gone. Hasta la vista, baby.

Nola is a MinPin. Bred to rid estates of varmint. She is just doing her job, man.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

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I think my dad has the right idea here. This is exactly what I feel like doing.

Is it really morning?

I just read about the new Blogger Image feature and while it doesn't directly say it is not available for Mac users, it is not. I do not have any of the feature buttons available like spell check, the link button, none of it. Thankfully, Flickr is easily usable. As for spell check, the occasional mis-spelled word will have to be tolerated.

I need a better night's rest. I have been very restless for about a month now and it is really getting tiresome. If not up every hour looking at the clock, it is close to that. Tiresome about sums it up.

I added a few recent reads to my list at the left and a sI go through the bookshelves to straighten them out, I might fiond a few more. Today it will be alternating between doing the books, the laundry, and watching more of season two of La Femme Nikita. I had even considered hitting the beach today, but since I am not already there, that won't be happening. Maybe some chair time in the backyard.

Friday, July 01, 2005

And then it was July

I have been experiencing a weird sleep schedule lately. Not sleeping well and then waking later than normal, though perfectly normal a few years ago, is leaving me feeling somewhat disoriented in the mornings.

I think over the past 2-3 years, I have gotten accustomed to being a morning person. It really is ghastly on some level. It is not really that I like mornings, but I can get and be up with little difficulty. Lately, if I do not have to be somewhere, I have been getting up between 9 and 9:30. And feeling totally blech.

As for getting ready for bed, If I have had a particularly challenging day at work, I am ready for bed by 11. Otherwise, 12:30 or so seems good, and quite often I have been awake and cruising the clock between 2 and 4 AM. I guess I should be getting up and doing something then as I used to when I was restless.

Time to take a book outside for some sun. Maybe that will help.