Saturday, July 30, 2005

Which is worse?

I have a coworker who only works on weekends and as I in general do not work Sunday's, I see her at most once a week. Saturday is usually busy, so there is little, if any, chatty time, especially for a coworker I just don't really care for.

Today when I came in she actually made a point of saying hi to me. I did not think too much of it beyond noticing it seemed odd. She then said," I heard you sort of got remarried a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to pass on congratulations to you and your husband."

Me: I don't have a husband.
Her: I guess that is where the sort of comes in?
Me: No, I have a wife.
Her: Oh.
Her: Well congratulations anyway, I guess.

Then around 5ish, I was talking with two other coworkers, ones I at least like well enough to have a conversation with. As she walked by the desk, she stopped and was listening to the conversation trying to be part of those of us talking. I was relaying the latest drama about my wasband. I was specifically saying what I said to him before I had to hang up on him because he was talking to me in a totally inappropriate way.

Me:...So I said to him, "You know that I won't condone the way you are speaking to me by allowing it to continue. So just so you are not confused, this is not us getting disconnected again. This is me hanging up on you for real. I will call my son tonight when I get home."
Her: Maxine, that is so unChristian of you!
Me: I really don't know which is worse. You presuming I am heterosexual or you presuming I am a christian.

She paused briefly and turned and left the room. My two coworkers I was actually talking to had a hard time stifling their laughter.
CW1:No you didn't...
CW2:Yes she did...

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