Friday, July 15, 2005

The eye of the hurricane

I think that is how I am feeling at this very moment. Everything swirling around me and much to be done with barely a plan to conform to. But, ultimately, it's all good and I have faith in the unioverse so I am very calm about it all at this point.

Trisha arrived safely on Wednesday and Kim on Thursday. Today in a couple of hours my neice Crystal will be here.

Also on the agenda today, getting the chairs from the yoga center. I gure we need 35. There will be 30- seated guests and three chairs needed for the band and that gives us two extra. E and T will go get them this morning.

The cooking is to begin today as well. I am making pork tenderloin and chicken wings and mashed potatoes today and E is making lasagna. All of this before we go to Slick Willies for 7 pm.

Of course there was a trial run at Slick Willie's last night.

E has stopped bleeding but has the nastiest bruise on her arm. On top of that, she worked her ass off getting the shower mostly finished yesterday so it was sore on multiple levels. A few beers last night helped ease the discomfort along with some good food from Mi Luna. The FLamenco dancers were just beginning as we were leaving, but the pool hall was calling.

I was put out that we did not remember to bring the camera with us last night. We can be forgetful at times. Providence.

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