Thursday, July 07, 2005

Yes, Nola, you're such a good grrl.

I have to suppress the urge to shudder and scold every time, but my dearest Nola tried to bring me another bird today. "That's such a good grrl Nola," I lied..."Now DROP IT!"

She listened immediately and then I pointed away until she went over to the side lawn to squat and pee, which was what we went out for in the first place lest the new carpet tempt her. The bird was sitting there perfectly still, not moving, looking as if the wing was mangled.

After peeing, Nola took the long way around the yard back into the house hoping it might distract me enough for her to slip by and regain her quarry. Once we were back inside, she was laying on the couch and watching her bird. It did not move for a minute or two. I went in to wake E from her nap and asked her to come help me patrol for the bird. I wanted to be sure it was not in the grass anywhere.

Vanished. Gone. Hasta la vista, baby.

Nola is a MinPin. Bred to rid estates of varmint. She is just doing her job, man.


weese said...

thats a fine dog you have there.
our minpin wouldn't look at a bird if it landed on her head.
how old is yours?

maxine said...

I think she is closing in on four. We adopted her from a shelter where she was returned two times because she is a chewer. Stupid humans got her a bunch of rubber toys which she ignored. She is a rawhide grrl!