Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ruler of the house

sept oct 07 064
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Don't even think for a second that the humans have anything to say about anythng.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Good Cigar

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I managed to get my retablo done for Dia de los Muertos at the Lawndale. I was actualy finished a few days before the deadline this year and I was able to drop it off before we went to see the beautiful people in CT.

The gala and silent auction is next week and I think we won't be going this year, but it is always a lot of fun to do the retablo and we can go see the show the following week.

I used another of my father's vintage photos this year. This is one of him about55 years ago and I am not sure if he took it using a tripod or if someone else took it. I need to ask him but he might not remember.

I printed the b&w photo on a transparency, coated the printed side with a thin payer of mod podge, and then used acrylic paint to color what I wanted to color. The background is a piece of Martha Stewart craft paper available at Michael's. I like last years better I think.

I am going to use the same pic to make a tin gift box for my folks using last years xmas cookie tin and putting the pic on the lid. The box will nicely hold the various things I have knit for them for xmas.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Slippery When Wet

How is it I have been a Funk fan for many a day and I don;t know this song? It just seems wrong. Thank you Starbucks for The funk compilation Out of Sight.

Slippery When Wet by The Commodores

Listen to me brothers
Listen well
Brothers we got something to tell
You can't run around
Bein' a married man
And takin' care of business very well
You've got to keep yourself together
If you dig on what you got
Cuz what you got can sho' nuff mean a lot
If you aint takin' care of business
This you must expect
Love gets slippery when it's wet
You know hangin' loose Can be outta sight
But hangin' loose
No it just aint right
You see slippin'a tippin'
Havin' fun aint no good
Leavin' homework undone
You've got keep your thing together
If you dig on what you've got
Cuz what you've got can sho nuff mean a lot
If you aint takin' care of business
This you can expect
Love gets slippery when it's wet
If you aint takin' care of business
This you can expect
Love gets slippery when it's wet
Uh huh slippery, slippery
Love gets slippery when it's wet oh
It'll slip away yeah
Love gets slippery when it's wet ooooooh
Love gets slippery when it's wet
Slippery, slippery
Love gets slippery when it's wet
Don't let your love slip away
Love gets slippery when it's wet ow
Takin' care of business
Love gets slippery when it's wet…

Slippery When Wet

Thursday, October 18, 2007

what's not to like?

I am drinking some new tea from Teavana at work this morning. It's called Queen of Babylon and eb does not care for it. She isn't usually quite so picky, but hey, we have a shitload of tea to choose from here at the moment, and I would guess that if Queen of Babylon was all there was to drink she might rather like it.

Queen of Babylon White Tea
A whimsical tasting rare white tea blended with immunity boositing pomegranate seeds, sour cherries, sweet carrot bits, apple and pineapple pieces.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shiny and new...and I like it.

I had to work at JCP today. My new laptop arrived at the other job. My boss was kind enough to bring it home. And it's all good. Umm, it's also big. Bigger than the 13.3 inches I am used to. And the bells and whistles. Are all. Quite. Different. But hey, I am online and the basics are all the same.

There is a third job on te horizon. A few obscure hours a week, maybe 3 hours on Friday night. Or Thurday. And temporary holiday sort of help. But it could carry on past the holidays because I have it going on like that. You know of where I speak, don't you. Can you guess?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chef feels like crap

Dinner last night was postponed at our request. EB and I just felt like we had a lot to do and being social wasn't really on the list. Chef and the girl went out for pizza and then to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. He coulda brought something home from CF doncha think?

The plan is for the fish dinner to happen in two weeks. I am sure it will be a smashing success.

My various side projects are all done. I delivered my retablo this afternoon and will post a pic soon. I did remember to take one this year.

I suppose some laundry is in order and then I really need to think about packing because we leave in the morning early. What knitting shall I bring?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two done on Tuesday morning

So both my retablo and my taop secret project are done. I will take some pics of the retablo tonight when I get home. That means I get to knit! Or read. Or take pictures for Ravelry. That sounds good.

Right now I am waiting for the tech support technician to come in at Micro Center. Brandon, the hardware guy who replaced the hardrive said it is not a hardware issue and it might be a software issue. You see, since the hardrive has been replaced, the mac cannot receive the airport wireless signal. Sound fishy? EB thinks so and I remain on te fence.

Tomorrow, William will be cooking fish for dinner. Mahimahi is the plan, but I think it will depend on if that is available. He has never made this dish. I am not sure he has ever eaten it either. But he has been jonesing to cook it for us and tomorrow is the night. And he has invited his new friend. Who is a girl. But not to be confused as his new girlfriend. And hhe is cooking something new. Brave chef.

So tonight it will be a trip to the grocery store and then the chef has the someone is coming to the house cleaning list. Woo.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A meandering trail through the woods that doesn't quite make it to grandma's house

Pre-packing is the mental event of getting ready for a trip. I feel like I have been in my head a lot lately and thinking about everything I want or have to do before we leave on Friday is no exception.

Primarily, i have to go buy a pair of jeans. If we weren't going north, I could do without a new pair of jeans well into December. This will involve going to the mall. I thought when I left on Saturday that I would not be going back until next Wednesday when I go back to JCP. It is different going for shopping than it is going for work, but it is a fine line of distinction. I should have gone this weekend as the jeans I have grown partial to were likely on sale with everything else at Macy's, but I have been making art and time got away from me.

Art is the other thing I have to do before leaving. I have two projects that absolutely must be done before Thursday. I think it is under control. Maybe.

I suppose if I really give these pre-packing matters heavy consideration, it is time that I want. I want the time I have for pleasurable pursuits to equal that of when I was not working. This does not equate to not wanting to work really, but sort of. Ideally I want the unemployment I was receiving at the time. I want to be paid to stay home. I better get a lottery ticket on my lunch today.

The knitting forum I favor has a lively discussion going on about this very thing (in a roundabout sort of way). There is a new blog linked to the left called yarnstorm. I like the woman's view. She really gets it and is enjoying life. I appreciate that their might be less pretty slices of her life that don't make it to her blog, but I really think she gets it.

She has a book just released in the UK called "The Gentle Art of Domesticity". There was a less than flattering review, an attack really (IMO) or criticism of her way of life, more than a critique of the book itself. This spawned debate ranging from how we treat each other as women, to feminism, to Martha Stewart. It was a little insane. And all I want to do is get the book. I wonder if it is scheduled for a US release.

What knitting am I going to take on the trip? That is the pressing question in my mind at this moment, a good thought to close on.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Tip-O-Day

It is of the utmost importance that you keep the surface of your desk clean and sanitary. Yes, it's your desk and those are your cooties, but there is a night cleaniong crew and the occasional creepy coworker and you never really knows what happens on your desk when you aren't there.

If you keep your desk surface clean and sanitary, you will have no qualms about licking your finger to pick up all the crumbs from the finest milk chocklate Norway has to offer when they litter your desk from snapping off a piece. No need to waist even the smallest morsel of the fast-dimminishing stash.