Thursday, November 30, 2006

A cold front blowing in?

Ten minutes ago or so, I went outside with the dogs and there was little discernable difference in temperature from inside. It was definitely more humid, and perhaps even a bit warmer. I was just outside again (Lilli Munster likes me to go with her and usually won't go out without me unless I leave the door open) and it has dropped at least 20 degrees.

Five minutes later, eb leaves for work, and she poked her head back inside to say, "Okay, it's fucking cold out here now..."

So for the next few days in Houston, it's winter. Pay attention so you don't miss it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

T-day almost over

I appreciate it is Friday, so T-day is over, but in a sense, it won't be over until the debt is collected. What debt? EB told me that Thomas wanted to spend the day with us, which really, given the family dynamics all around, is a no brainer. At their request, we had a simple supper of pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and ginger nd honey glazed carrots. I was going to bake a sour cream pound cake, but the tube pan has gone AWOL. If anyone knows where eb stashed it, please drop her a reminder email.

So the debt...eb also told me Thomas would like nothing more than to hang out and watch football. He has a tv in his room and can watch whatever he wants at any time, but I knew that the whole holiday vibe for him hinges on hanging out with his mom. I have an aversion to football blasting on the tv for the entire holiday. In fact, let's put it out there, if no sports were ever viewed on our tv on any day, ever again, I would lose less than zero sleep over it. I understand if the family came about watching sports together, but mine did not. You went to Aunt Patty's on the holiday and had a visit. Now eb and T and I, we visit on a quite regular basis. I still managed to hold the tv hostage. I told eb that everything has a price.

My car is pretty clean. When it was in the shop last month for some body work, it came back nicely detailed. It does, however, need a bath. This was the price for football on Thanksgiving, I wanted to give thanks for a clean car. I less than jokingly suggested it was such a lovely day, that the car could be washed before the game came on. I should have stuck to my guns. T has fled and eb is resting in bed trying to shake the crud she is suffering. I know it will be done eventually,

So last night, we watched LOTR again, and I planned an early night because I had to work early. We watched ER and then I went to bed. It was too early for sleep and I should have known better but I gave it a try. The alarm went off at 3:20 AM. Insanity. I had to work at 5. The upside of that is than I was off at noon.

I then suggested we go to lunch and we then did a little shopping. We went to a yarn shop that seems to be closed when I am off otherwise, and we then hit a few other places on the same street. Then we stopped at the other yarn store to pick up a special order that arrived. Then, once home, I hit the bed and took a much needed nap.

At 6 I was awake again, and now I am snuggled in with the tv.

Lilli Munster wants to play.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

With confidence!

I wish I could remember precisely what Dr. D asked me this morning. What were his exact words? I am not sure what he asked, but the gist of it was to do with passing gas. Dr. D works at the Digestive Disease Center and he is the latest in my string of docs there, and the third I have seen there since my primary referred me about a year and a half ago.

I was answering the questions of the follow up from a visit 7 weeks ago. Are you better? How are you tolerating the meds, etc and the gas passing came up. As we were finishing up, the doc said he wanted me back for follow up in 6-8 weeks. The nurse had previously discussed with me that it would be good to come for a consult/check up every six months whether my disease was active or not as Crohn's is a progressive disease and small changes indicate certain stages, so consulting even if evrything seems the same or normal is a good plan.

Dr. D told me that until I was passing gas with confidence, I would be in every 6-8 weeks. That is the minimum standard of wellness I should expect, passing gas, with confidence.

It's a thing of beauty.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You look agitated...

I paused when Kia sadi this to me when she came into work tonight. Then after a moment of replection I answered "yes!"

I am not quite sure why I am agitated. I just had two days off so I should have been something less than agitated, but not so. I don't feel agitated other than at work, so it must have something to do with my tolerance being maximized in an undesirable way. Too bad I am not going on the Carribean Yarn Cruise this spring. That might buy me some tolerance.

Perhaps it is nothing more than the prospect of working at 5 AM on Friday.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I need to be careful

A few years ago, there was an unfortunate incident. Dear Sweet Elizabeth, who is so damn fine she walks on water, was going to the grocery store. She asked me if I wanted anything. Pork roll. I wanted pork roll.

I explained to DSE in great detail exactly where the pork roll was. The problem arose in that she went to a different store. Supposedly, I gave her the look that is reserved mostly for my wasband, on occasion for my children, for various dumbshits I might encounter otherwise, but never for someone so Dear and Sweet (who is so damn fine she walks on water) as Elizabeth.

So this week at work, my boss is trying to understand the new set plan for salon merchandise. Our front shelves are configured as 10 columns with a 3/7 split left and right. More precisely, a 3/3,2,2 right split.

The new set plan calls for a 3/2,5 configuration. Please note, this still adds up to 10 columns. Where we have on the right a 3, 2, 2, the plan requires a 2, 5. Can we change our existing shelving? No, absolutely not. Are the more than 1000 existing JCP salons even remotely close to the new requested configuration? Fuck, no. Does someone at corporate have a vision problem? Likely.

So my boss, whom I respect and admire greatly, just isn't getting the necessity of adapting the 2, 5 to fit out 3, 2, 2 shelving. I gave her the look, but thankfully, she did not see it. If she did see it, she totally ignored it. She stretched the 3 out to a 2 which left a 4, not a 5. I tried really hard all day, to consciously refrain from giving her the look. Luckily, it has been aone person job with her asking for help from a stylist who was not particularly busy this week.

It took a lot of effort to not go adjust it all after she left. Tomorrow, she is off and I will be enough over it to not give it another thought past hitting the publish button.

In other news, I am a working (paid) artist!!

There was something else, but DSE has just returned from suburbia.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Do I like it?

I don't think so...I just left work at 6 pm for the first time since the time change. It was dark outside. I am not sure which is worse, going in in the morning at 7 and it being dark out (before the time change), or leaving at 6 and it being dark out (after). Perhaps it is just bad having to go to work at all.