Wednesday, November 22, 2006

With confidence!

I wish I could remember precisely what Dr. D asked me this morning. What were his exact words? I am not sure what he asked, but the gist of it was to do with passing gas. Dr. D works at the Digestive Disease Center and he is the latest in my string of docs there, and the third I have seen there since my primary referred me about a year and a half ago.

I was answering the questions of the follow up from a visit 7 weeks ago. Are you better? How are you tolerating the meds, etc and the gas passing came up. As we were finishing up, the doc said he wanted me back for follow up in 6-8 weeks. The nurse had previously discussed with me that it would be good to come for a consult/check up every six months whether my disease was active or not as Crohn's is a progressive disease and small changes indicate certain stages, so consulting even if evrything seems the same or normal is a good plan.

Dr. D told me that until I was passing gas with confidence, I would be in every 6-8 weeks. That is the minimum standard of wellness I should expect, passing gas, with confidence.

It's a thing of beauty.


Elizabeth said...

Baby...what a lovely post to read on Thanksgiving day. I'm not so sure I'll be giving thanks when you pass gas with confidence.


KMae said...

Ya know, I gotts say...
aint it great to be in a long-term relationship where you both can fart with confidence!