Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You look agitated...

I paused when Kia sadi this to me when she came into work tonight. Then after a moment of replection I answered "yes!"

I am not quite sure why I am agitated. I just had two days off so I should have been something less than agitated, but not so. I don't feel agitated other than at work, so it must have something to do with my tolerance being maximized in an undesirable way. Too bad I am not going on the Carribean Yarn Cruise this spring. That might buy me some tolerance.

Perhaps it is nothing more than the prospect of working at 5 AM on Friday.

1 comment:

the only daughter said...

5:00 AM on FRIDAY! That is beyond brutal.

Agitated would be the tip of my berg. aarrrggghh.

Think about the cruise. That should help, for about a minute, but still...

Happy Pork T giving Day to you :)