Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Back among the living

This morning I am feeling as if I am finally sliding out of vacation mode. Nice time for the transition as tomorrow morning I have to head back to work. Three weeks more as a hair stylist, and then on to the next transition, to the position of receptionist. That's nine whole days of hairdoing. Not really an ugh factor, but I am just ready to put the scissors to bed. Before I left for vacation, I sent out the notice to my clients that 12/17 will be my last day as a stylist, so hopefully, it will be 9 busy days in the salon.

Last night E and I had occasion to meet Beth and Nerdstar. We went to Book Woman in Austin for a reading by Susan Stinson from her latest novel Venus of Chalk. Five links in one sentence, and three of those links are daily reads for me, so it was a lovely evening. I have been reading Susan's blog for more than a year now, so it was nice to meet her. Her energy is so very gracious and her achievements as a writer, primarily being published, were very inspiring. I bought her first two books, Fat Girl Dances With Rocks and Martha Moody, on a previous trip to Book Woman after I began reading her blog. I wanted to get Venus of Chalk sooner, but at the hint that she might be doing a Texas reading I decided to wait.

I learned about the reading before we went on vacation and I asked E if it would be too much to try to do so soon after vacation because of her crunch at work to get her magazine out and play catch up. She is always so quick to indulge me these whims, "Oh, a 2 and a half hour drive is not at all a problem", she gave me a solid sure when I first suggested it.

Once I confirmed with E that her first day back was going smoothly enough, I called Beth and let her know the plan. Leave Houston by three, hit Austin at 530, meet for dinner, then go to the reading. I had previously mentioned this to her and she said she and Nerdstar should be free to meet and join us.

We actually got there closer to 6, but we had a great meal at Austin Java. I had the avocado and crawfish salad and a cup of the roasted chicken soup. Just the right amount of zip, and pretty cheap. And let's not forget oodles of intelligent conversation!! The reading was right across the street, so it was also a convenient spot to dine.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

And the tattoo she gave me! It is a stylized Om symbol. Posted by Hello

Rocio! Posted by Hello

From the mural project on Balmy St (or maybe Ave) Posted by Hello

Sunset view from Coit Tower Posted by Hello

The birds are so friendly.  Posted by Hello

We did not do Alcatraz this trip, but we could see it from the GGB as well as here from Fisherman's Wharf. Posted by Hello

We even spread our lesbian cheer throughout Muir Woods. Posted by Hello

Muir Woods. Bought the t-shirt. This redwood forest has nicely groomed pathways that are manageable and for anyone and very serene. We walked amidst these giant redwoods for an hour or so. Posted by Hello

At the Golden Gate Bridge. Posted by Hello

I can't believe I am publishing this pic, but it is right before the ocean came to claim my feet. Never turn your back on the ocean! Posted by Hello

While in San Francisco, we drove over to the beach so I could see the Pacific. The beach we walked had loads of sand dollar pieces. This one is the biggest I found. Posted by Hello

She is just so fucking cute in her new reading glasses! Posted by Hello


What a vacation we had. After yesterday's 13 hour journey home, starting at midnight CA time and ending at 3 in the afternoon TX time, I was gaining my second wind. But not enough to blog anything about it. Just enough to jump online and clean out my mail.

I am going to wait to blog the details with some pics gathered along the way, not all 230 of them, just a select 10% maybe. We flew into San Francisco via Oakland airport on Thursday the 18th. Our first three nights was at Ethel's Garden, a lesbian owned b & b in the Castro. From there we drove around all of San Francisco and surrounding areas. We went up to the Muir Woods and walked through an awesome redwood forest. We walked our asses off even though we had a car. Everyone said no car in SF, but we really took advantage of having it and drove a lot.

One of the little jaunts was to a lesbian owned, women operated tattoo parlor. Yep, I got another tattoo on my ankle. Rocio was so very sweet and talented. If you click on the artist link at the tattoo link in the last sentence you can see Rocio and some of her work.

After getting the tattoo, we drove up the coast via HWY 1 to Mendocino. Think of seeing Sheryl Crow's 'Every Day Is A Winding Road' as it unfolds before you. The drive on a more direct route takes three hours. HWY 1 took us about five and a half hours. No cell service to call and say we were running late. But beautiful coastal and woodsy driving.

In Mendocino we stayed at Sallie and Eileen's Place. There is so much to say about this place. Over the past 15+ years, more than 6000 women have stayed. We were totally lost in women's energy and it was fabulous. In a cabin. Fireplace burning. In the woods. Lovely.

We had considered from what everyone advised that it might be a rainy blah vacation, but the sun was shining all day with clear skies every day of our trip. The last full day, Thanksgiving, was misty rainy, but it seemed quite appropriate and in itself, it was equally beautiful.

Glad to be home, new adventures coming soon.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

On Vacation


Back 11/26

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


KPFT is in the second week of their semi annual fund drive. My friend Hitaji's show, Earth 101 is currently on the radio. There are accasionally topics she brings out that I either just don't get, or in some way disagree with, but in her heart and soul, Hitaji is a healer and I have a lot of respect for her.

I was going to call in a pledge last week, but it is really difficult when you want to do so much more than what you know you can afford. For the past couple of years, I have done a basic membership of $35. I was discussing with E what is reasonable now, and I think I am going to do a $10 a month sustainer pledge. I rationalize it as a monthly, and again I feel I could likely do more. E's counsel was to do the 10 and then raise it next fund drive if I see that I can. Sound advice.

I have to go call in my pledge.

Monday, November 15, 2004

I heard the owl call my name...

Last night, E came in and told me she wished she had the camera to take a pic of this baby owl she saw in the tree. As the camera is right here in front of me, I pointed to it, and she said it had flown away.

We went back out and she showed me where it was and where she thought it had flown. I asked if she checked the persimmon tree, to which she answered no, because it had flown, she thought, toward the magnolia.

As we walked around the magnolia, sure enough it was there in the persimmon tree. By the time E was back with the camera, the owl was back in the crepe myrtle, where she saw it to begin with. The pic below is the result of her efforts.

It is impossible for me to tell if the owl is a baby or just a small breed of owl. I have never seen one here in Houston otherwise.

The thing it brought to mind for me was when I first got Nola, our Miniature Pinscher. I was subscribed to a MinPin list and one of the members wrote in a warning for owners living in the country with the risks od predatory birds which can swoop down and pluck the little buggers right up. I was wondering if baby owl has a momma nearby stalking little miss Nola.

My second wonder was if it is someone's pet. I still wonder this. I will have to remember to look tonight to see if the owl is in the yard again.

This morning, I have my semiannual cleaning at the dentist's office. I saw a different hygenist this time and she was brutal enough to make me cry. I was careful last time to reschedule with the same person I saw who did not hurt me, but I had to reschedule my appointment because my shcedule at work changed, and since we always rebook with the same person in the salon if a client has to reschedule, it did not occur to me that I might get moved to someone else. I did not realize until near the end of my cleaning that it was a different tech. Same hair color, older, and only y second time at this office. I will never be sitting in that bitch Melanie's chair again.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

whoooo Posted by Hello

Annother quiet morning

I went to the Ayurveda Wellness Workshop yesterday and I was quite interested. I think I want to talk to Dr Rob about it more and see what other aspects of it might be more suitable to advance study in, or how he might recommend proceeding. I will see him in January I think for an initial consultation for my personal practice and might then pick his mind about it further.

We went to Eatzi's last night for dinner and for the first time, I was somewhat disappointed. I might even go drop them an email about it. I am not sure how "bad" it was, but I am sure I could do the meal we had better. I told E perhaps the more accomplished I become in the kitchen, the less impressed I am with Eatzi's. The roast pork was tough, the broccoli nearly raw, little flavor in the mac and cheese, but the southwest corn chowder had it going on. I suppose that makes it a wash to some degree.

Tonight we are going to see B and I for haircuts and dinner. B is making manicotti, which is curious as I thought she did not know where the kithen even is so I am anticipating some comedy, though I know she would not offer if it was not to be good.

The weather has taken a turn for the colder the past few days. On Wednesday it was still in the 80s, but there has been a marked coolness since, maybe in the 50s or 60s. 40s at night, I think. Last night, I even wore socks with my sandals to avoid popsicle toes. Excellent sleeping.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


The house is so quiet this morning. No A/C running, no dogs milling around, no tv in the background. Everyone is still sleeping. Opportunity for tea and a cookie nice and early.I generally do not eat in the morning, but I was just feeling it today for some reason.

I have to go to yoga and I might do the 930 class. Then at 130, I am attending a wellness seminar with Dr. Rob. He is an Ayurveda doc and chiropractor. Hopefully it will enlighten me further about Ayurveda as a career path.

I was also supposed to confirm with our friends Beth and Irina about cutting hair tonight or tomorrow and then having some dinner...I need to remember to call after yoga because I would hate to disturb the potential quiet at their house this early on a Saturday morning.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Dear Santa

Origins has a new line of cocoa therapy products. I think I will have to get one or two. Consider them on the list. Of course, I might be able to snag one sooner, but I also need to get a few other more essential products from Origins first.

Maybe Santa can get them for the Missus. Y'all know that trick, right?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Working Artist

I have long felt that hair is my artistic medium, and accordingly consider myself an artist, artiste even. For the past 4 (maybe 5) years, I have entered the Lawndale retablo festival for Day of the Dead. It is a fun event, and E does it, though she is a trained and talented fine artist, so I more or less just decide what dead thing I want to commemorate and have at it.

This year, as I have already mentioned here, I was inspired to create art out of ugliness. I used the callous and unforgivable email that e received about me from her dear old dad. While sitting in meditation at yoga, on three seperate occasions, I had visions of my retablo, and I did my best to follow that course with it. My finished product came remarkably close to my finished work, so I guess we have to consider it a success.

I have to wait until tomorrow to see how much it sold for, but I know it is a minimum of $75, which means I get a minimum of $37.50.

San Francisco, here we come. I think I might spend my winnings at Good Vibrations .

I can be brilliant sometimes

I just figured out how to convert pics I have on yahoo so I can post them here on the blog!! Now, it's not like I have a tremendous archive in yahoo photo albums, but I do have a few pics over there, and it has caused great frustration that yahoo does not like to share so linking them has not been an option.

I hear you, just scan them again. Well, that takes time. In addition to time, the scanner needs to be hooked up by unhooking up something else. Pain in the ass.

So if I can convert them, pay attention, I can, I can use them at will here. The one below, Cool Chicks Hot Day, is of E and my bestest friend K. We went to visit my folks for a week in June of 2000. I know I put 2001 in the caption, but I am rethinking that and I do not know how to edit the caption so let me correct it, 2000.

We took a boat up the river and I had the best view whenever K stopped rowing, E had her paws all over her, and I got to film it all! No scandal here. No dyke drama. Sorry to disappoint.

And now I can remember it all over again due to my brilliance!

Cool Chicks Hot Day (June 2001) Posted by Hello

Get your motor running

I am feeling like it might be a bike sort of day. Time for a ride around the neighborhood. Maybe.

I bought a beach cruiser style bike at least a year ago and have yet to take it for a ride. It was a really good deal as a promotional item at the beauty supply store I frequent. Nice orangey red color. Thick grrl seat. I just liked it and it was cheap and at the time I had the $$. I think today might be the day.

I have been feeling like riding the bike for the past few months actually, but the garage doors are somewhat rigged, so it is a pain in the ass to take it in and out. Currently, E is painting both our cars to be art cars (which is chronicled over at www.emeraldpillows.com ) so the garage door is open quite often.

I might need her to lower the seat just a tad, too. We'll see. *If* today is the day.

Until I am sure, I will update my library page as I got several new books last week.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Wrestless Wrecks

Rex is restless at 4 AM. What the fuck is up with that. He was restless enough that I am now wide awake and out of bed, while he is now back to sleep.

My yogi would be pleased I have risen before the sun warms the earth. This does not mean I will not be back in bed before the sun warms the earth, but technically, I have acheived something.

I decided while I am up anyway, I might as well begin ripping holiday CDs. I also want to create some play lists for our trip, but that might not happen this morning as I am not sure I can do both simultaneously. I can however copy some songs E has ripped. Woo.

Yesterday morning I had a hallelujah, fall is definitely here moment. I was able to brush my teeth with ice cold (well, much colder than normal) water streaming from the tap. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Houston heat and humidity, really, I do. But when the tap water that has been sitting in the warm Houston earth hits my toothbrush, I just have to whine and cringe. I can happily brush with ccccccold water for the next few months.

Life, is good.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wake up and be productive

On Wednesday morning I am usially at work by this time, but today I have a late client so I shifted my hours. I figured I can be nice about it as it could be the last time I do her since I will be (hopefully) changing positions soon.

I feel as if I could be rather productive at the moment, and before getting out of bed I had a mental list of things I could be doing, but I think maybe I was just dreaming because they are all gone.

E and I went to vote yesterday. I voted at our local district place, for all the good it did, and got my little sticker. As E got to the sign-in lady, she learned her voter registration had not transferred as it was supposed to. She was ready to just say "fuck it", but I reminded her how the guilt would get to her, and as we operate on goddess time, there was nothing else pressing to which we had to attend.

We drove to out old hood, two hoods ago, actually, and she was able to vote.

Both places had virtually no wait, and then we went into town for some dinner. We went to Cafe Artiste where E had a chicken po boy and 2 glasses o wine, and I had a shrimp po boy (sans green peppers, please) and a Mexican Pepsi. I really wanted to buy the second one they had in the case to bring home, but I knew I would have drank it right away and regretted it, so I decided that unless I found a retailer for the Mexican Pepsi, I would save is as a Cafe Artiste treat and hope that their supplier never makes it unavailable again. Knowing they have it helps me resist it otherwise so it is the only time I actually drink it when we go there.

We hung around the cafe for a while and then went to Half Price Books before we had to pick up T. I got Elizabeth Sims second novel as well as another Sneaky Pie Brown mystery. I told E that it was all CJ's fault for introducing me to a new author. I just had to buy the book.

We went by Whole Foods after picking up T as he had to get some protein bars and fruit. His coach at school wants him to try to bulk up a little, interesting that he loses the sweets for the coach. If he manages to stick to it. I will have to evaluatte the situation before getting stocking stuffers. Maybe protein bars rather than candy. We'll see.

The evening was spent watching bad tv, surfing between the election coverage and the VH1 red carpet moments countdown.


Monday, November 01, 2004

Time flies

I am trying to wrap my mind around it actually being November. My brain is so full at the moment with potential, that it is difficult to make some basic connections like another year waning.