Sunday, November 07, 2004

Working Artist

I have long felt that hair is my artistic medium, and accordingly consider myself an artist, artiste even. For the past 4 (maybe 5) years, I have entered the Lawndale retablo festival for Day of the Dead. It is a fun event, and E does it, though she is a trained and talented fine artist, so I more or less just decide what dead thing I want to commemorate and have at it.

This year, as I have already mentioned here, I was inspired to create art out of ugliness. I used the callous and unforgivable email that e received about me from her dear old dad. While sitting in meditation at yoga, on three seperate occasions, I had visions of my retablo, and I did my best to follow that course with it. My finished product came remarkably close to my finished work, so I guess we have to consider it a success.

I have to wait until tomorrow to see how much it sold for, but I know it is a minimum of $75, which means I get a minimum of $37.50.

San Francisco, here we come. I think I might spend my winnings at Good Vibrations .

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