Friday, July 28, 2006


It is hard to shave pits when one's dearest *and* sweetest has put the blade on the razor upside down. Did I mention it was silly?

Thursday, July 27, 2006


When your dearest *and* sweetest has done something silly of which she is likely totally unaware, do you tell her right away or do you wait for her to discover it on her own?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


What a fabulous anniversary trip to NYC. I really do have time to say more, but if I start saying more, I will run out of time and end up late for work. So for now, many thanks to Suzanne, Wendy, Weese and her MAW(TM), and Crystal. It was divine to see you all, and P-Town cannot come soon enough. I am seeing a lovely house on the beach perhaps. Or even off the beach. How soon do we need to collect the deposit?

Friday, July 14, 2006

And We're Off

Woohoo...on schedule, even. The President's Lounge awaits us at the airport.

Hasta la pasta.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

One. More. Day.

Anytime I am taking some time off, there is always pre-vaca whangling with my normal work schedule. Our two part time receptionists are both night/weekend, which mostly works aout well. It affords me a Tuesday through Saturday 10-6 schedule. I like the consistency or at the very least have gotten used to it.

When I want time off, the challenge is in seeing that the desk is covered adequately. My boss usually has to juggle her own schedule and pick up a lot of the slack herself, because until the salon has a year end sales figure, our desk hours are very limited. Once we have more hours, another day person will be added. Someone more flexible than our two current part timers.

In addition to me beimng off this weekend, both of the part timers have scheduling issues. One, who I coordinated my time with because she said she could work the Saturday, decided she needed this week off as abreak from both her jobs before she goes postal. The other had a family reunion pop up which takes her away mid shift on Sunday which I would normally happily cover for her. Because of the first part timer's request, I am working today which I originally asked for off as PTO. Not only am I working today, but I am working 12-9, as I did on Tuesday.

Working these two nights, while currently messing with my chi, have also introduced the possibility that I might miss working Tuesday and Thursday late. If it was the norm, I would still be in yoga class. I would also be able to piddle(not puddling piddle, but piddly shit piddle) more mornings.

There isn't any way to effectively change the schedule at this time, but it is something to throw onto the back burner and contemplate. Over cocktails. Tommorow. In NYC.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

slowly, it begins

Dear Sweet Elizabeth was out late last night with her brother, her sister, and her father. no phone call telling me where to meet them to join in their revelling, Ok, no more cheap shots teasing her. She did call me to say they were going, but never called to say where they ended up, and yes, I could have easily picked up the phone and called her, although when I did that Friday night because I made it home before her shortly after midnight and she had my house keys, her cell phone was in the car, not in her pocket while she was in the pub, and I had to recline in the driveway and well, just wait for her to ge home shortly before one in the morning.

Anyway, when she called me, I was at work still and I was exhausted. I am not sure why work was more taxing this week, but it was. I think she called around 4 but I am not sure. She said she was pretty sure I wanted to pass on her dad and she was right on that account. I told her the only plan I had was to hit the bed as soon as I got home. At 6:15, that was where I was. I got home and let the dogs out and then stripped on my way through the house and stretched out queenifying the bed. The dogd somehow knew to let me get settled and then they each found there own little nice around me.

I never quite fell asleep, but it was dark and restful. At 8 I decided to get up and I was hungry. I threw some clothes on and headed out the door with my laptop and some books and went to Cafe Artiste. On the way I stopped at Border's to pick up Anthony Bourdain's new book as my class begins tomorrow, and I love me some Anthony Bourdain. Mmhmm. Sexy ugly like money in the bank.

Anyway, I picked up the last copy of the book Border's had on display, and then went on to Cafe Artiste. A booth was available right away and I called Beth to let her know I would be there a while if she wanted to come hang out after the party she was at. I got some work done because while I was connecting to their wireless, their server was not connecting to anything which meant no surfing, and yes, actually writing. Nice.

I was on my second Mexican Pepsi when Beth arrived and I shut down my laptop and we talked paint colors for the rooms of her house. I think she is ready to commit to some serious color on her walls. When we went out to the parking lot to go home it was nearly midnight. "Hey, is your mp3 still not working?" Beth installed a gadget behind my cd player which allows me to plug in my mp3 player and it is the shit, but ut just stopped working soon after. "Let me take a quick look."

I had been listening to a cd on random and when I switched back to the mp3 player, I had inadvertently hit skip. Last night near midnight, I learned the mp3 player only works when it is showing cd track 1 playing. Woohoo, it still works after all. Beth is the bomb, I tell you. She really is the quintessential gadget girl.

So I got home at about 1230 and e was still out gallavanting with her family. Still no phone call, doesn't she miss me? I was awake still at this point and since I went to Cafe Artiste with the intention to start the Sub Zona Online page on blogger, but couldn't bacause I couldn't open anything, I sat up, waiting for Dear Sweet Elizabeth to return home safely and decided to get it started. It is linked on the left. I did a little tweaking to the template this morning and it looks good in Safari, but I am not sure how it looks form any other browser but I know that in IE for Mac it looks like crap but so do a lot of pages so I need to check it from the pc. If you are interested just let me know.

I went to bed just before 2 and when miss thing finally came in to bed, I think the sun was up. So yes, that is her you hear snoring in the next room.

Cocktails follow a week from right now.