Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over the weekend or otherwise recently...

We were at the grocery store and in the check out line, I said hello to one of the salon's crazy clients. She really is cuckoo. Coo. Coo.

Anyway, I said hi and she was yammering away with the casheirs about something she left in the fridge for them. I was explaining to eb how cuckoo she is and telling her that when she is in the salon, she will fold towels and help us out. EB says, "That's nice of her."

I said, no, like she takes the already folded towels out of the cabinet and refolds them so they are all folded the same with the tags all in the same direction. OCD cuckoo. EB then commented how nice that she puts her (eb's) obsessive tendencies in to a proper context.

Today, the client came into the salon for her appointment and told her stylist, "I saw Maxine at Randall's. She was with her daughter and the daughter has tatoos!"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

As stolen from Chapin

This makes me feel pathetic in comparison to Chapin, but it's so not about that. I have seen 15% 33%(I forgot 2 states) of the US. This has to change.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Last night I had the unfortunate instance of having to experience a customer who was winging in a serious way. I mean Winging. No, WINGING. This was way beyond a little daily funk. Way. Beyond.

As I stood, presumably safely ensconced behind my little receptionist podium, I was trying desperately hard to not make a pfuckingu sort of face. I was about 5 or 6 feet away and the odor was engulfing me. I made his appointment and knew he was coming back for me to suffer once again in an hour or so. P. U.

So my dilemma is this: This is not just a client He is the spouse of an associate in the store. He is often hanging around her work area with their young child presumably witing for her to get off or to go to lunch. Often. If I was her manager, I would certainly have a problem with exactly how much he is hanging around. But I am not and his hanging around is not the main concern here.

Customers *have* to be experiencing his wing factor. To whose attention do I bring this? My manager? Her manager? A higher up? No-one?

Weigh in, peeps, lest you experience his wing.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Monday, August 21, 2006

Hell Freezes Over

That will be in the headlines worldwide today. Check your local news.

Yes, the Mother's Day/Father's Day/other miscellaneous crap box for my folks has been mailed.

Dear Sweet Elizabeth, you're welcome.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Fresh ink. Is awesome.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I just mentally shifted the PO back another day. Why is that? Well, I just looked at my paycheck online (payday is not til Friday), and I am just totally amazed at myself. Not only did I have my highest sales week ever last week which translates to chunky let;s go to dinner commission, I also seem to have gotten a forty cent raise. That is made awesome by the fact that I thought I was at the top of the payscale for the receptionist position.

This brings into my mind a lot of questions, the major one being is it worth leaving this position. I appreciate that I will not have spectacular sales like last week's all the ime. But a week like that after being open only 6 months is pretty good, and leads me to think that my average week will still be getting better. The base salary would be a few dollars more an hour with a nice salon override. It would be significantly more money, but also significantly more responsibility and potentially more stress.

there are also several on my current staff who I feel are toxic to me. But that might be equally true in the other position. Of course, I still need to be offered the new position. I just. Don't. Know.

No expectations = no disappointments. I still maintain this outlook about it.

It's all good.

Monday, August 14, 2006

So Monday is waning...

The box for my folks is still sitting in the library. Maybe tomorrow. Really. I also need to go to Target tomorrow and get a gift card so I can get it in the mail to my youngest for back to school. I think logic dictates I hit Target tomorrow and then the PO on Wednesday morning.

Thus begins the new plan.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have *so* not felt like blogging lately. Not that I am in a bad movie or have a funk approaching, my brain is just spinning out of control in various other directions.

The big question about my job status is still unanswered and the manager in question is taking his time, like 3 months or so, to let the chaos resulting from the last salon manager's exit to subside. If it wan any other person handling it, I might think I was being put off, but not so with this man. If I do not get the position it will be purely because someone is more qualified than I. I think if this issue was settled, I might have some more focus all around. Maybe. Really. And since Weese's MAW(tm) told me the job is in the bag, I really am not at all stressing about it. I have faith in her connections with the Universe.

Otherwise, my todo list is sitting stagnant. On Monday, I *will* be going to the post office and mailing several things, the least of which is my parents' mother's and father's day box. Can you slacker?

Then there is the knitting...

more later...maybe...