Sunday, August 27, 2006

As stolen from Chapin

This makes me feel pathetic in comparison to Chapin, but it's so not about that. I have seen 15% 33%(I forgot 2 states) of the US. This has to change.

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Elizabeth said...

We'll just have to fix that won't we?

You'll knock one down in October and another next October.

WordsRock said...

Cool map thingie. It informs me I've visited 60% of the United States, with a huge void in the middle.

Not surprising as a lesbian I'm not hankering to visit the midwest, tho, is it?

chapin said...

No worries Maxine...when you have to stay one step ahead of the law you are always on the run. :-) I've been blessed to have the time off in the summers when I can visit a lot of these places. My goal is to have them all done in 7 years and I'll let you guess which one I'm saving for last.

the only daughter said...

I am woefully undertraveled. But I do plan to remedy this over the 2nd quarter of my life.