Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Over the weekend or otherwise recently...

We were at the grocery store and in the check out line, I said hello to one of the salon's crazy clients. She really is cuckoo. Coo. Coo.

Anyway, I said hi and she was yammering away with the casheirs about something she left in the fridge for them. I was explaining to eb how cuckoo she is and telling her that when she is in the salon, she will fold towels and help us out. EB says, "That's nice of her."

I said, no, like she takes the already folded towels out of the cabinet and refolds them so they are all folded the same with the tags all in the same direction. OCD cuckoo. EB then commented how nice that she puts her (eb's) obsessive tendencies in to a proper context.

Today, the client came into the salon for her appointment and told her stylist, "I saw Maxine at Randall's. She was with her daughter and the daughter has tatoos!"


KMae said...


chapin said...

LMAO...that is a hoot!!

WordsRock said...

uh... eb looks at least 10 years older than Max... that lady really is cuckoo... and/or blind. ;)

/i keed, i keed

the only daughter said...

hehehe. Thanks for the lift. Too Too rich.