Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I just mentally shifted the PO back another day. Why is that? Well, I just looked at my paycheck online (payday is not til Friday), and I am just totally amazed at myself. Not only did I have my highest sales week ever last week which translates to chunky let;s go to dinner commission, I also seem to have gotten a forty cent raise. That is made awesome by the fact that I thought I was at the top of the payscale for the receptionist position.

This brings into my mind a lot of questions, the major one being is it worth leaving this position. I appreciate that I will not have spectacular sales like last week's all the ime. But a week like that after being open only 6 months is pretty good, and leads me to think that my average week will still be getting better. The base salary would be a few dollars more an hour with a nice salon override. It would be significantly more money, but also significantly more responsibility and potentially more stress.

there are also several on my current staff who I feel are toxic to me. But that might be equally true in the other position. Of course, I still need to be offered the new position. I just. Don't. Know.

No expectations = no disappointments. I still maintain this outlook about it.

It's all good.

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the only daughter said...

I had something...I think uplifting? to say, but I can't seem to eek it out of my caffeine induced, sleep deprived delrium, so, I'll just say Congrats on the bump and I hope you get what you want- when you know what you want-then--can you buy postage on-line and maybe arrange for a pick up of the box?