Friday, July 27, 2007

A day without knitting

How sad is that. I knit not a single stitch yesterday. I did, of course, think about knitting, and I bought tickets via the phone from one of my local yarn stores for the Astros stitch and pitch on August 12th, but it's not the same.

No bamboo knitting needles warmed by my touch. No luscious fiber coursing through my fingers. No glorious fabric miraculously being produced by my own two hands. A day sans tricoter doesn't happen very often around here.

Today, the stove is being fixed. Bright and early (anytime before work), Mario is here to see what he can do to prevent the stove from flipping the breaker every time we use more than two burners or the broiler. This has been going on since the stove was installed a few years ago, but I have been dealing with it. Now that The Chef has moved home, it could become a more serious concern.

Tuesday night we had chicken stuffed with spinach with a side of pasta in a brownn butter sauce with pine nuts and garlic. The chicken was topped with a tomato reduction and was very tasty. Let's nnot forget the apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Wednesday night was mile high meatloaf sandwiches. This is an open faced meatloaf sandwich with creamy mashed potatoes and fried onions and gravy. We also had a salad of baby spinach and bananas, strawberries and walnuts with a sweet dressing.

Last night was leftover meatloaf with pasta topped with sauce and pinenuts.

We need to have The Chef study up on portion control or we soon won't be able to go out the door.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just plain criminal

Working with eb again has been a relatively smooth transition. There is but one woman there who worked there when I was previosly employed there who has not said a single word to me. Not. One. Word. No need to give her the benefit of the doubt. The woman I thought would react in this way has been totally pleasant. Mostly, it's all good.

On most days, eb and I think of Weese and we car pool. It's really funny when eb looks at me over her shoulder and tells me I can get going any time and that she is almost ready to go too. are you getting home, sweetness? Then we chuckle and I bet that makes silent woman down the hall cringe.

Yesterday, I even remembered to bring my lunch so I could work straight through, thus maximizing my hours. I brought a banana, some cherries, a stash of mini candy bars, and a fluffernutter sammich. I was so looking forward to the fluffernutter being perfect and then, the criminal part. As I picked it up out of the bag, half my fluff was in the bottom of my ziplock bag. Thank goodness it was a ziplock or else we would have had marshmallow fluff on everything.

Wednesday tip-o-day: Always! Always store your fluffernutter sammiches flat.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I am well n to being adjusted to my new work situation. I am currently three days a week at jcp and I am starting to realize, as everything eases into a new image, just how much that place was stressing me out. By the end of the month, I will be just Wednesday and Saturday there, and I think that will be totally acceptable in the terms of energy balance. It is hard to totally give up the discount and the savings for getting my hair and nails done. I can see a day where I might choose that, but not in the next 6 months at minimum. Time will tell.

The new job is going well, I think. My new boss is very touchy feely and well, we all know I like that. She calls me babe all the time, and while I don't mind, I have to wonder if the bossman whose office is adjacent has any objection. And she is is also very gracious with the help when I have no idea what thew fuck I am doing. But when she explains it slow enough for me to write a few things down, I get it quick enough to recover, or so it seems. I think by the time the August issues are put to bed, I might be on my way. By the way, if you haven't followed, my new boss is eb.

So as my new schedule settles around me, there is still plenty of knitting to be done. And surprise contemplation. I am at the point where I need to commit and I went back to the planning site to see if there was more info. It seems that the particulars have changed a bit, just enough that I might have to give it up and consult with eb before committing. Drat. I think I will go knit and meditate on it until she wakes up this morning.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


So we did not jet to the island yesterday. As has been the norm lately, we had some wicked thunderstorms in the area. I drove through them on the way home from the yarn store and bagel shop. I think traffic on the freeway was slowed to about 30 mph.

Just before my exit it had let up a little and I was not sure which way it was going. I got home to a dry driveway and figured it was headed our way. I hurriedly shuttled the dogs out the door to pee and the thunder made all three of them come sit at my feet on the patio. I got up and went and stood in the middle of the yard and all three followed and peed. I saw that Sawyer has a wicked rash in the crease of one of his hind legs. Attractive. I think he will have to go to the vet. Yippee.

So we did not go to Galveston. Also, Lilli Munster did not get transformed from a dustmop Chewbacca looking doll to a snauser. Her grandmama, Angela, had her brother and parents donme recently in a snauser cut and they were all so cute, I think I might give it a go. I will drop her this morning.

Not much else going on here today. Some laundry and some cleaning. Woohoo.