Sunday, July 01, 2007


So we did not jet to the island yesterday. As has been the norm lately, we had some wicked thunderstorms in the area. I drove through them on the way home from the yarn store and bagel shop. I think traffic on the freeway was slowed to about 30 mph.

Just before my exit it had let up a little and I was not sure which way it was going. I got home to a dry driveway and figured it was headed our way. I hurriedly shuttled the dogs out the door to pee and the thunder made all three of them come sit at my feet on the patio. I got up and went and stood in the middle of the yard and all three followed and peed. I saw that Sawyer has a wicked rash in the crease of one of his hind legs. Attractive. I think he will have to go to the vet. Yippee.

So we did not go to Galveston. Also, Lilli Munster did not get transformed from a dustmop Chewbacca looking doll to a snauser. Her grandmama, Angela, had her brother and parents donme recently in a snauser cut and they were all so cute, I think I might give it a go. I will drop her this morning.

Not much else going on here today. Some laundry and some cleaning. Woohoo.

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the only daughter said...

Sounds like my Sunday, except for the storms, the dogs, the trip that almost was, the yarn.

Now, what was it that made it seem familiar? Oh yeah, laundry and cleaning.

Hope the pup's ok.