Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just plain criminal

Working with eb again has been a relatively smooth transition. There is but one woman there who worked there when I was previosly employed there who has not said a single word to me. Not. One. Word. No need to give her the benefit of the doubt. The woman I thought would react in this way has been totally pleasant. Mostly, it's all good.

On most days, eb and I think of Weese and we car pool. It's really funny when eb looks at me over her shoulder and tells me I can get going any time and that she is almost ready to go too. are you getting home, sweetness? Then we chuckle and I bet that makes silent woman down the hall cringe.

Yesterday, I even remembered to bring my lunch so I could work straight through, thus maximizing my hours. I brought a banana, some cherries, a stash of mini candy bars, and a fluffernutter sammich. I was so looking forward to the fluffernutter being perfect and then, the criminal part. As I picked it up out of the bag, half my fluff was in the bottom of my ziplock bag. Thank goodness it was a ziplock or else we would have had marshmallow fluff on everything.

Wednesday tip-o-day: Always! Always store your fluffernutter sammiches flat.


weese said...

ooo good tip.
tho honestly i can't say i have ever had one.
the thought sorta repulses me.
they are sticky. sandwiches should not be sticky.

Anonymous said... never had a fluffer nutter sammich as a kid? There appears to be a void in your 60s cultural experience.

Having said that, I agree, it is repulsive. Marshmallows, generally speaking, make me ill-ish. I can eat one Smore and that's about it.


the only daughter said...

I must admit not ever having a fluffer nutter sandwich either. I'll remember the tip though, should the opportunity ever arise.

SassyFemme said...

Oh fluffernutters are absolutely yummy! I love them on graham crackers for a snack. When I lived in SA no one knew what they were. I always assumed they were an up north thing.

KMae said...

Can NOT believe that stupid bitch won't talk to you. WTF?? Jealous, more than likely.