Friday, February 25, 2005

Something is simmering

Slowly beneath the surface, something is whirling around in my brain and I just can't wait until it is revealed. To me.

I am not sure what is going on, but I can feel some energy milling about and I think it might just be something creative. Woo. I am on a self imposed hiatus from crocheting to see if that is what is giving my arm such ache. Another week at least and I will see if it feels better. If so, I am going to moderate the ammount of crocheting I do at work. I decided instead I would bring my laptop so I could write things down as they occur to me. I can be disciplined enough to only use it when it is prudent to do so. I have had it with me on occasion and it is rather unobtrusive. I have done scheduling and I created my address book, all when the iBook was new os it seemed reasonable to everyone. I will feel out the time and see. I also have a paper journal in the case, so I can use that if necessary. I think I might best use it on my late shifts when I am working until nine. I think once my schedule settles in to normal, that will be Tuesday and either Friday or Saturday.

Nopthing new to report on the union party. Our new solo driver is getting around without incident. Yeah!

Tickets and hotel have been purchased for our NYC pilgrimage. We go March 24-27 and will be there for the Easter parade. That might be fun.

It's all good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

One thing after another

Yesterday, the jeep needed $1500 worth of work done. The $$ will be reimbursed, likely in the form of airline tickets and hotel reservations to NYC, but still, $1500.

Today, I am finally off to the doc to see what has been ailing me. My symptoms, of course, are lessening on their own by now, but I am still not quite right. Maybe not on their own, either. I have totally cut out all milk and that seems to have me on the right track. I am sure the doc will draw blood and perhaps order some yuckadoo invasive testing. Blech.

Tomorrow, I see the Ayurvedic doc. Between the two of them, I wantto be feeling like the Bionic Woman before too long.

Watch me run off in bionic slow motion.....

Monday, February 21, 2005

Making beautiful music

I think that Double Coyote is basically confirmed to play at the union blessing. I got an email from Ginger, the flute player who I know from yoga. She still needs to confirm the date with the percussionist, but the bass player is on board so we have the duo if nothing else.

I spoke to Paul and Fred about it this afternoon at lunch and they will help however they can. We are still not committed to any menu, but I am determined to find the best red velvet cake in Houston for our cake. I can just taste it already. I am making a possible dinner menu list with more food than the eyes can bear and then through the process of elimination I will come up with a menu. The elimination will come into play as we find certain things might not be available as a catering item. Hopefully the coconut shrimp fromPappadeaux will be do-able as well as the shrimp bisque from Empire cafe. Beyond those two items I do not really have other must haves.

I think the dogs will be boarded for the weekend just to not put them or our guests through the too-many-people-in-the-house-doggie-trauma.

It's all good.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Don't wanna go...

I have to work this afternoon a 2-9 shift and I just don't want to. I am covering for another receptionist who has the burial of hhis father's ashes, so it is not like I resent working for him this evening, but I am just not feeling it.

I am coming up on a week of Dr. visits and I would just prefer to slugg this weekend away while I still can. It was to be my last Saturday off for some time as the receptionist I am replacing is working her last shift today.

Converging universe perhaps.

I went to see some home clients this morning so I have already been out and about. The plan was to go to yoga, but I just didn't get out of their house in time. Tomorrow it will be a sluggish sort of day. We are going to the farmer's market in the morning and then have the day free until 7ish when we go to Beth and Irina's for hair cuts and the L Word season premiere. That might become a regular Sunday event.

It's all good on the new car front.

Minnie Bruce Pratt is giving a reading at BookWoman on Wednesday night and I am considering suggesting we attend. We'll see.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Does sitting in a semi-half-lotus position while checking mail and blogging count towards doing my yoga for the day?

The new car is fabo and has been all over town already. Not yet down to Galveston as it might still be a little chilly for that, but when I go, it ceertanly won't take me half a tank of gas as it does in the Jeep!!

And speaking of the jeep, we had the changing of the keys and removal of gay stickers ceremony last night. The Jeep has been passed on to Thomas, E's son who turns sixteen today and who is at this very mooment down getting his license. Last night I was cutting my friend Wendy's hair and she asked if we were going topaint the car neon so we could see him coming. Novel idea that new drivers be required to do this.

While we were out driving around on Saturday, we went to Cost Plus. While there we got a couple of rugs, the one I wanted for the bathroom, and a new one for the library. We also saw one we want for the bedroom, but as we were asking the worker boy to take it down, we had the sudden duh realization that we were not in the Jeep! The library and bathroom rugs could both be folded and fit in the car with plenty of room to spare, but the other rug will need to be rolled, so we will get it at a later date. We got a new coir mat for the front entryway that has palms and monkeys on it which is just too cute.

While at Cost Plus, we also saw a media cabinet that would make a lovely bedside table. There was not a price on it so we need to go back and look again and ask, also, to see if they have two in stock. We might have to get one and wait for another to come in, or get one at another location. There are three of them I know of in town.

After E is finished with t this morning, she is going in to do a little work. Hopefully she can leave regular time and we can go enjoy a late VD lunch at Mi Luna, a divine tapas place we like down in Rice Village.

Make the bed, finish the laundry, shower...then I will be ready.

Friday, February 11, 2005

and the odometer reads...


Who knew?

keyless entry!


A CD player!


And power locks, too!


Power windows!!

Will I ever write a bigger check?


Wide awake at 330 AM

Maybe it is that my mystery ills are finally subsiding a little, maybe I am just well enough rested, but I am wide awake this morning. Wrecks had to go out to pee, but I was already awake when he licked my hand.
Maybe it is also the excitement of the pending new car purchase. Yes. New Car.

It is looking as if it will be a Honda Civic sedan. I drove one Wednesday night and the ride was smooth enough. Also, I did not have any hitting-my-head caution in getting in and out, which I usually do with a car as opposed to an SUV. The salesman at the dealer, Dave, was also strictly information no presswure. He gave us keys without even getting contact information or a driver's license from us. The brother vibe was in effect.

I just filled out an online request for a costco auto program referral. I got my last car through them and it is truly lowest price no haggling. The referral came back from another dealer and I will wait to see what they say, too. Dave told me he could get an over night test drive, so I think I will be going by to see him on my way to work. I am gpoing to tell him straight up that I am waiting to hear back from the other dealer and also ask him to be sure it is his best offer because I really do want to buy from him. I am also technically a first time buyer, so I will see if there is a discount for that, too. He mentioned they have a policy of govong the car free if we get a better deal elsewhere, so the universe just might be converging.

I think I will bring him some cookies, too.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

new grrly site

I got a press release for EP today for a new site

I have just begun surfing around there, and wouldn't you know it? I have to head on over to work. Sucks to be Tuesday. I can at least get a mini fix between yoga and work while eating a pastry and sipping some tea at Panera bread!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shopping trip

I have begun the mental planning for what to do while in NYC Easter weekend. E and T are doing their trip and i am tagging along, so while I know I will likely see them and do some stuff with them perhaps, I also can just do my own thing for the most part.

That will include a trip to Dean & DeLuca, Kate's Paperie, Satya, and flea marketing.

There is a Buddhist art museum I might get to, and also some Buddhist centers,but they are down the list a ways. We have tried repeatedly to get in at the Guggenheiim, and either we get there at closing or they are already closed, so I will maybe plan to go there with E. We shall see.

I think the current plan has us staying in Times Square. Aunt Pat might also join us, and I have told my neice when I will be there so I imagine I will see her at least briefly. My bestest lives in Boston and I have also mentioned the dates to her in case she wants to join us one day or night. She is also scheduled to come here and visit, so maybe, maybe not.

In other news, I have secured Double Coyote for our union party in July. I need to confirm with Hitaji again, and then it will be figuring out food for the event. We are still trying to decide on if we will have a more intimate gathering or if we will do a larger open house style gathering. I think the back yard might get tented for the evening. Or something.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Haunting and compelling

A thousand or so songs on the Dell DJ, listening on random shuffle, and every once in a while, a song comes on which I just have to press repeat. And then listen to it over and over and over again.

The current soundtrack in my head is both haunting and compelling, as my post title so succinctly indicates. I just have to listen to this song, and I wonder where it has been all my life. I first heard it in the car with E and her DJ was playing. Then, without me looking for it on my DJ (which I have had since September and not heard this song on ever), the very next day, yesterday, it played. I am liking all these little synchronicitous moments of late.

J´ai Fait Tout
(Emmylou Harris)

J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout
Ce que j'ai pu
J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout
Ce que j'ai pu

I have seen some trouble
Been around the way
Rode the streetcar of desire and I paid
And if you want a witness
I will testify
To what I saw through a wandering eye

'Cause nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do

I heard all about it
You don't need an alibi
There was no medicine I did not try
You lost your Mona Lisa
Got burned by Jezebel
You can always draw water from my well

'Cause nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do

J'ai fait tout. j'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout
I will give everything I am to you
J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout.
You know it's true
J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout

You can go and leave me
But you'll come back for more
I know where all your old secrets are stored
My history is written
My heart is still pure
You crave redemption and I got the cure

'Cause nobody loves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do
Nobody laves you like I do
Nobody loves you like I do

J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout
Ce que j'ai pu
J'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout
Ce que j'ai pu

J'ai fait tout. j'ai fait tout, j'ai fait tout

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Last week, I went to class just one time. I had built up to 4-5 classes a week and was feeling great and had a lot of energy, blahx3. There are currently some underlying health issues going on and my energy is just in the toilet. I say underlying because I know something is going on, I am just not quite sure what that is.

The first thing I have done about it is to get health insurance again. I am now waiting to hear of my acceptance and trying to do some Ayurvedic things reccomended by my holistic doc. I think the testing to determine what is ailing me is going to be rather invasive, and in general it is all I can do to not faint for plain old blood work.

My iron is in general low and the doc would love for me to be taking 2-3 iron pills daily, but they really upset my stomach. Someone recommended trying to take one pill at bedtime and see if that works. I am going to stop by Walgreens on the way home tonight and pick some iron pills up and give it another try. The general blah that I feel might be helped that easily.

The other thing I have done was to mention this to E. I have never been one to share my discomfort in this way, so must be I have learned something along the way. She is of course being supportive with just the right amount of fire under my ass thrown in to keep me working toward figuring this all out. She is such a fucking babe. That is never said enough.

I took a moment to discuss this briefly with my yogi this morning, and she agrees with my plan to get in at least two classes a week which will be Tuesday and Thursday. The other three wil remain optional depending on how I feel, and she also suggested that for the two classes I am committing to, that even if I do not feel like it, at least I should still show up and do what I feel I can. I know jow good I usually feel after class, so I *want* to be there. I just don't feel I can manage the same aggressive schedule I was keeping.

The other thing I have accomplished this morning was to mention to Ginger that we want her trio to play at our Union Party.

E and I are having a blessing of our union on July 16th. this marks our seventh anniversary and I think it will be a lovely evening. We have a tentative first draft of the guest list and I think that there are about 50 people on it. I think it might be a nice size crowd of 10-20.

I am still not sure what way to go for food. Ginger's trio was an easy decision because they are good energy and I know her well enough to ask. Food is a different issue. I can and love to cook. And, I am good at it. Do I want to cook for this occasion? Yes, depending on how many people it would be for. No, if it is more than 10. In lieu of not knowing what is going on medically, I have mostly decided to let someone else do the cooking.

Catering is an option and I have considered getting our favorite treats from various places in quantity. Kathryn reminded me recently of Michel.

Michel is the chef who does cooking for some of the retreats out at Margaret Austin Center. His food is exquisite(the man was a personal chef for Picasso), and K says he is quite reasonable. I think my next Union Party to do will be to contact Michel and see what he can do.

For now, I have to go to work. I am at the moment sitting at Panera Bread across the highway from JCP and using their WIFI. Of course, I would prefer the Starbucks atmosphere across the street, but they are a TMobile hotpot and that is not free access. Panera is.
Viva la Panera Bread!!