Monday, February 21, 2005

Making beautiful music

I think that Double Coyote is basically confirmed to play at the union blessing. I got an email from Ginger, the flute player who I know from yoga. She still needs to confirm the date with the percussionist, but the bass player is on board so we have the duo if nothing else.

I spoke to Paul and Fred about it this afternoon at lunch and they will help however they can. We are still not committed to any menu, but I am determined to find the best red velvet cake in Houston for our cake. I can just taste it already. I am making a possible dinner menu list with more food than the eyes can bear and then through the process of elimination I will come up with a menu. The elimination will come into play as we find certain things might not be available as a catering item. Hopefully the coconut shrimp fromPappadeaux will be do-able as well as the shrimp bisque from Empire cafe. Beyond those two items I do not really have other must haves.

I think the dogs will be boarded for the weekend just to not put them or our guests through the too-many-people-in-the-house-doggie-trauma.

It's all good.

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