Friday, February 11, 2005

Wide awake at 330 AM

Maybe it is that my mystery ills are finally subsiding a little, maybe I am just well enough rested, but I am wide awake this morning. Wrecks had to go out to pee, but I was already awake when he licked my hand.
Maybe it is also the excitement of the pending new car purchase. Yes. New Car.

It is looking as if it will be a Honda Civic sedan. I drove one Wednesday night and the ride was smooth enough. Also, I did not have any hitting-my-head caution in getting in and out, which I usually do with a car as opposed to an SUV. The salesman at the dealer, Dave, was also strictly information no presswure. He gave us keys without even getting contact information or a driver's license from us. The brother vibe was in effect.

I just filled out an online request for a costco auto program referral. I got my last car through them and it is truly lowest price no haggling. The referral came back from another dealer and I will wait to see what they say, too. Dave told me he could get an over night test drive, so I think I will be going by to see him on my way to work. I am gpoing to tell him straight up that I am waiting to hear back from the other dealer and also ask him to be sure it is his best offer because I really do want to buy from him. I am also technically a first time buyer, so I will see if there is a discount for that, too. He mentioned they have a policy of govong the car free if we get a better deal elsewhere, so the universe just might be converging.

I think I will bring him some cookies, too.

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