Friday, February 25, 2005

Something is simmering

Slowly beneath the surface, something is whirling around in my brain and I just can't wait until it is revealed. To me.

I am not sure what is going on, but I can feel some energy milling about and I think it might just be something creative. Woo. I am on a self imposed hiatus from crocheting to see if that is what is giving my arm such ache. Another week at least and I will see if it feels better. If so, I am going to moderate the ammount of crocheting I do at work. I decided instead I would bring my laptop so I could write things down as they occur to me. I can be disciplined enough to only use it when it is prudent to do so. I have had it with me on occasion and it is rather unobtrusive. I have done scheduling and I created my address book, all when the iBook was new os it seemed reasonable to everyone. I will feel out the time and see. I also have a paper journal in the case, so I can use that if necessary. I think I might best use it on my late shifts when I am working until nine. I think once my schedule settles in to normal, that will be Tuesday and either Friday or Saturday.

Nopthing new to report on the union party. Our new solo driver is getting around without incident. Yeah!

Tickets and hotel have been purchased for our NYC pilgrimage. We go March 24-27 and will be there for the Easter parade. That might be fun.

It's all good.

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