Sunday, February 06, 2005

Shopping trip

I have begun the mental planning for what to do while in NYC Easter weekend. E and T are doing their trip and i am tagging along, so while I know I will likely see them and do some stuff with them perhaps, I also can just do my own thing for the most part.

That will include a trip to Dean & DeLuca, Kate's Paperie, Satya, and flea marketing.

There is a Buddhist art museum I might get to, and also some Buddhist centers,but they are down the list a ways. We have tried repeatedly to get in at the Guggenheiim, and either we get there at closing or they are already closed, so I will maybe plan to go there with E. We shall see.

I think the current plan has us staying in Times Square. Aunt Pat might also join us, and I have told my neice when I will be there so I imagine I will see her at least briefly. My bestest lives in Boston and I have also mentioned the dates to her in case she wants to join us one day or night. She is also scheduled to come here and visit, so maybe, maybe not.

In other news, I have secured Double Coyote for our union party in July. I need to confirm with Hitaji again, and then it will be figuring out food for the event. We are still trying to decide on if we will have a more intimate gathering or if we will do a larger open house style gathering. I think the back yard might get tented for the evening. Or something.

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