Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Does sitting in a semi-half-lotus position while checking mail and blogging count towards doing my yoga for the day?

The new car is fabo and has been all over town already. Not yet down to Galveston as it might still be a little chilly for that, but when I go, it ceertanly won't take me half a tank of gas as it does in the Jeep!!

And speaking of the jeep, we had the changing of the keys and removal of gay stickers ceremony last night. The Jeep has been passed on to Thomas, E's son who turns sixteen today and who is at this very mooment down getting his license. Last night I was cutting my friend Wendy's hair and she asked if we were going topaint the car neon so we could see him coming. Novel idea that new drivers be required to do this.

While we were out driving around on Saturday, we went to Cost Plus. While there we got a couple of rugs, the one I wanted for the bathroom, and a new one for the library. We also saw one we want for the bedroom, but as we were asking the worker boy to take it down, we had the sudden duh realization that we were not in the Jeep! The library and bathroom rugs could both be folded and fit in the car with plenty of room to spare, but the other rug will need to be rolled, so we will get it at a later date. We got a new coir mat for the front entryway that has palms and monkeys on it which is just too cute.

While at Cost Plus, we also saw a media cabinet that would make a lovely bedside table. There was not a price on it so we need to go back and look again and ask, also, to see if they have two in stock. We might have to get one and wait for another to come in, or get one at another location. There are three of them I know of in town.

After E is finished with t this morning, she is going in to do a little work. Hopefully she can leave regular time and we can go enjoy a late VD lunch at Mi Luna, a divine tapas place we like down in Rice Village.

Make the bed, finish the laundry, shower...then I will be ready.


dse said...

I fucking love you...

weese said...

ah... a new driver in the house.
I sure know what that is like.
good luck.