Thursday, September 29, 2005

Minpins and yarn just don't mix

I am sure Nola was convinced she was helping me out. She even went so far as to pick the skein of yarn I needed to wind next to finish the cute grrl clutch I am making.

I just spent the last two hours untangling her mess and she sat on the edge of the chair at attention the whole time watching me. She knew she fucked up. Now that I put it down, finally finished, she is snoozing next to me on the couch. She doesn't know how close I came to bringing home a Yorkie baby today. It would be quite tragic for her princess status to be displaced.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Up and at 'em

I was just going to say how it is odd for me to be ready and awakeso early on a Wednesday, and then I just let flythis tremendous yawn. So maybe not so awake.

I think work is going to be agressive today and I am even considering nnot taking a crochet bag. But if I don't bring it, I certainly will need it.

I dreamt this morning of being a substitute teacher for a history class of high school seniors. It was the class no one else wants to teach. The problem children. Oddly enough, all of my own 'problem children', were students in the class. My coworkers I have issue with, mostly, and the occasional nemesis of days gone by. They were all the age they are/were when I was actively engaged with them.

I was told by the principle goiing in that there were 10 objectives that must be addressed. Then he gave me a copy of the final exam for the class which was 10 questions long. He said he did not expect miracles. I told him that he should with me teaching.

The class was unruly and I let them be. Then 2 minutes before the end of class I told them that the only things required of them were courtesy and respect and that I would be grading them on it and it was worth half their final grade so that if I deemed them an F at thoose things, they would need an A on the exam to get a C.

I then told them to be prepared to discuss courtesy and respect the following class.

I said it was weird, yes?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


You Have A Type B Personality


You're as laid back as they come...
Your baseline mood is calm and level headed
Creativity and philosophy tend to be your forte

Like a natural sedative, you have a soothing effect on people
Friends and family often turn to you first with their problems
You have the personality to be a spiritual or psychological guru

Monday, September 26, 2005

inventory part 2

I just took some more stuff out of my car. There were two pieces of art E has given to me, bith done by her. One is part of the ball and chain series and one is a woman holding her tits a la queenmaxine which she painted before we met. It really was perfect as foreshadowing of what was to come.

Then I removed a piece of sculpture I bought on our trip to Switzerland and another sort of sculpture I got in San Antonio. Both are of women and both reside on my altar. Just something about them.

There were two plates which I rescued from my mother just last month when I was home. They are perhaps as old as I am and there is just something about them. E does not really care for them too much I think, but they have always been a fixture and have an intrinsic sentimental value I can't further explain.

Maybe more on the next commercial.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Catching up

I have unpacked our suitcases and straightened out the closet. Next comes the bedroom maybe. I did a quick stab at the kitchen and at least have the dishwasher going, but I amnot feeling like cleaning out here in the great room just yet as a lot of it is just stuff that needs to be returned to the garage and yard.

I am feeling like being lazy all around, but I also want to work toward getting stuff back to normal as well as getting my car further unpacked and cleaned and washed. A little too hot right now to be outdoors though, so I think the bedroom it is. After I make sure my baby does not need a beer or anything. Some things must remain a priority.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thank you Saint Rita


Back form or trip to Beth's and our power has been restored. We have air. We have internet. We have fans. We have a fridge cooling the remaining beer.


feed me seymor

So we have journeyed into town to our friend Beth's house. She was lucky enough to make it to her pareents' place out toward Austin and we have her spare key. We wanted a hot meal and alittle bit of net time. All at la Casa de Goddesses is fine. Still no power, but we made it through with nothing but a yard to clean up.

It was cool and windy with cloud cover most of the day so the house only got up to about 80. Hopefully we will be able to sleep comvortably tonight without it being too muggy.

The dogs are happy to not be in a car somewhere and also glad that their humans are not off to work but are home slugging with them.

We were going to maybe watch a movie while we were here, but we forgot that you have to be a grrl genius to operate Beth's remote system. Too much challenge for me. Pass.

I made us some tamales and eggs for le diner and I might be off to make another round before we vacate the premises.

It's all good.

update posted from Beth's

814 Saturday morning and we are still in one piece. There is no electricity and it has rained and there has been some howling wind over night, but everything otherwise is sound. A lot of pecans are falling onto the roof and with there being no other ambient noise, they are so loud. There is a lot of tree debris in the yard, but no major branches seem to have fallen.

I was hoping that even though there is no power, that there might be cable and
I would have an internet connection but I was not thinking that the wireless box still requires power to transmit the signal so no such luck.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Nearly midnight

I am sitting here looking out the back window at a tree that is positively still. There doesn't even seem to be a gentle breeze milling about. There has been some brief rain, but none that I saw or heard. I only know it rained because I see the patio is wet.

When I switch the channel back to local news, there is a totally different picture. Galveston is getting slammed with the edge of the Hurricane. It has not quite made landfall as far as I can tell, but the current news is about a fire on the Strand in one of the historic buildings. Or maybe it is in the historic district but not a historic building. It is across from the opera house, so I kinda know where they are talking about. It is totally out of control and after an hour, no progress evident in containing it. There is a swirl of sparks that makes the wind visible in an eery way.

Rita, may you stay as calm (here) as you are right now.

Let the inventory begin

I decided I would take a physical inventory of things I decided to pack into my car to take with me had I been able to evacuate. The easiest way to do this will be to blog about the things I unload as I unload them.

The first thing out of the car was Nola and myself. Then when we went to bed last night, I brought in my 6 Martha Stewart Grandma feather pillows. They are from Kmart of all places and regular price 8 bucks a piece. In terms of our sleeping comfort they are worth taking because we might have needed to sleep in the car. In terms of recovery after the fact they are still a comfort. In terms of replacement if they got flooded, they are priceless as it would be difficult to replace them. There is no Kmart in TX. Annd they cannot be ordered from the Kmart website. I don't know what is wrong with those people.

I also removed my work in progress crochet bag which also holds my wallet and phone, etc. One needs to be able to crochet for calm if displaced, you know. All my hooks are in that bag and a pair of craft scissors. It really is rather organized of me to have all that in one place easy to grab should I have to flee.

More to come.

And let it gooooooooooooo

I just had some discipline and declined to raise my bid on my second auction. I can be so strong at times. Really it was such a struggle. Baby, be proud.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

One auction down...

So I won one of my two auctions and the other one ends tomorrow morning, I was going to pay attention to adjust my maximum bid if necessary, but considering I just multiplied my holdings I will see if I win it as is.

The one I already have won is for 6 spools of yarn of various weights. Large cones. Lots of possibilities. The seller also had 3 other groupings which did not sell and I offered her half the list which she accepted. I think that means I have about 16 spools coming.


Who loves you, baby?


House bound

When most of the city is trying to evacuate and most (if not all by now) businesses are closed, there's always ebay. The internet can be a dangerous thing. C'mon rita bring me a win on my two yarn auctions!!

supplied and in for the long haul

We just got back from the grocery store.

Actually, we went to the little brown market around the corner first. While there, we got the immediate essentials. A 12pak of Bud for E, a 12pak of Budlite for me, and also a six of Pepsi and various bags of chips, cookies, and a couple of Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

That would have been enough had we not needed dog food. E had heard on the news that walmart would be open til 5. There is a walmart about a half mile down the road and yes, I was actually going to go there. The parking lot was empty and I did not even have to turn into their parking lot.

Whew, narrow escape.

However, we still need dog food. So we went to Randalls down the street and we actually got an impressively responsible list of groceries. Real food. Not a lot of beer and crap (as we already had those items in full supply).

So as it now stands, Rita is a Cat4 and might dissipate to a Cat3 before landfall. I maintain that Rita will bring us no arm. I am already designing a Saint Rita tattoo for my calf in the near future.

The decision to stay came after careful consideration. It really is simple common sense at this point. We feel safer in our home than we would in 99 degrees, current temp, on 45 north feeling like sardines if not overheating ourselves, our car overheating or running out of gas.

Rita, c'mon over for Cheddarwurst and beer!


Was that the sound of me relaxing in aunt PAt's huge jacuzzi spa tub?

Fuck no.

That was the sound of me being somewhat rested because I have been asleep in my own bed for 5 hours.

It took us an hour and a half to go the normal 45 minutes to get to the area near E's sister's house. Then it was another hour and a half to get 2 miles further down the road.

There are 4 lanes of highway stagnant. Not moving. Then there are three to four lanes of feeder road to the highway which were not being allowed to merge onto 45 north. We were on the feeder lanes and our 2 miles were better progress than the vehicles actually on the freeway.

After the magnanimous 2 miles, E decided to pull off and rest. As I was following her, I tried to rest also.

It was 97 fucking degrees yesterday and at 330 in the mornning, it was still 82. Does Mother Nature not know it is FALL now?

So we slept or at least rested a little in a quiet little parking lot. Quiet is a relative term of course. We first pulled off and found ourselves at the walmart gas station 'letswaitinlinetiltheygettheirnextgasdelivery' party. There were a shitload of people just communning. There were several truckers sitting in their cozy little air conditioned cabs resting as is normal for them. Well let me tell you, that is fucking loud for the rest of us.

So we went to a little deserted side strip mall where it was relatively quiet.

At 6am, we decide (E decided with me following, I always defer to her as I can deny her nothing) to get back on our trek on 45 north. As we did the little turn around on SH242, E saw the left turn line for 45N and we took a right turn onto 45S.

This is how we got back home. E actually took the boy back to his dad's and I came home. I was home by about 730. I turned the air back on. I then hit the bed. So hence my ahhhhhhhhh I have slept about 3.5 hours.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

so now i am really in the car

waiting at the boy's dad's house for the boy. Traffic out of town is bumper to bumper gridlock and we will be forced into an evacuation route which will have us sitting in said traffic. Two cars of us. Yippee.

Hopefully we can do a little getaround.

On the road again

Fucking September 21st and it's 97 degrees at 6 pm.

My 17 minute ride home took me 1 hour exactly. Well, actually, it took me 20 minutes to gas up at the first gas station I came across leaving work. Then it took me 40 minutes to get home.

Houston is evacuating. Had you heard??

Hurricane Rita is a Cat 5 at the moment with landfall expected sometime late Thursday/early Friday. My theory is that we will suffer absolutely no losses from Rita because Rita is E's mother, our gaurdian angel, Goddess rest her soul. When we are inches from being destitute, Rita somehow steers us through. there is no way anything bad will come to us from a hurricane named Rita.

But...we are on our way to Dallas avec les chiens. Aunt Pat, Rita's sister, called E and said it would be a helluva thing if we made her come to Houston to collect our sorry asses. So we are on our way.

JC Penney even made it easy by deciding (the Sugarland store where I work anyway) to close Thursday to Sunday. Time for a few beers in Dallas.

I will update from Dallas as I can.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I get a cookie for breakfast!

Minus two, woohoo!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Dreaming again

Weirdness. I have been dreaming again and they have all been weird. Usually something of my past but I am involved as I presently am. I suppose I should start to wi\rite them down again to see if any sense is to be made of it all. I need to do this before I get out of bed, otherwise they are gone. And as I get up it is often disconcerting to not be wherever I was dreaming of. As I said, weirdness.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

So. Not. Pretty.

Train wreck TV has taken over Sunday night. I just watched The Surreal Life followed by My Fair Brady and now Breaking Bonnaduce. It's just a train wreck. It's not pretty. Simple as that. But commercials are over, gotta watch.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Lazy Friday mornings

It has been lazy, but I have been productive. I rather like the combination.

Create work forms...done.
Straighten couch...done.

And it is not yet 930.

Right now the dogs are outside at the side fence which opens to the front of the house. There are construction vehicles and workers milling about out there and when they are momentarily quiet, I can hear the dogs steadily growling under their breath. This isn't quite as comical coming from Sawyer, he is medium size and definitely somewhat intimidating to strangers, particularly having no love for men. Coming from Nola, the MinPin, all 10 or so pounds of her, it's pretty fucking funny.

There is the low steady rumble and then the somewhat higher steady rumble.

Those men better beware.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not so bad

I was going to skip the scale altogether this morning, but E so endearingly brought it to my attention that I just couldn't 'forget' it was scale day. It was my birthday week and all as well as Aunt flo, so I did not have the greatest sense of discipline. Actuaqlly, my discipline was not really sacrificed as I was intentional with everything I decided to put into my mouth.

Minus two. I'll take it.

Yoga is going to kick my ass today.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Thanks ladies!!

Thanks for all the HBs! It has been a wonderful birthday weekend celebration. Now it seems I need to find a hat pattern and get my ass in gear.

We have been kicking around the idea of an Emerald Pillows lesbian blogger convention in P-town next year. Who's in?

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Tht birthday celebration began on Wednesday evening with some nookie caliente supreme. Awesome.

On Friday we went to MiLuna for tapas and then to Soundwaves where E bought me Bloom, a CD of Sarah McLachlan remixes. It is different and interesting and overall after a few listens, I like it. We then went to Half Price Books where I got a Rita Mae Brown book I had never heard of 'In Her Day', as well as 'Mendocino', a book of short stories by Ann Packer.

We then headed to the Continental Club to see an 80s band and drink some beers. Too many beers when I had to get up at 6 on Saturday to work, but we were having some fun.

We tried to get to Empire for desert, but there was no reasonable parking. We ended up instead at Brenner's in tshirts where we had lobster bisque and cocktails at the bar. Very foofy place for tshirts, but goddesses that we are, there was not even a raised eyebrow from the wait staff. Their lobster bisque is certainly divine.

I think we were home by 11 and I promptly fell asleep.

Saturday I worked 8-4 and when I got home I was greeted by a vase of fresh cut flowers from our garden which I should have taken a picture of. Lovely. Next to them was a bag of gifties. A box of Godiva and a book were inside. Not just any book, but one I have had my eye on for a few months now. E totally surprised me by getting me 'The Crochet Stitch Bible'. She luuuuuuuuuvs me.

We then went to Eatzi's and got some food for a picnin at the waterwall. After that we went to see Mystic India at the museum IMAX. Then to Slick Willies and then for desert at Cafe Beneigt(I think I spelled that wrong, but as we are off to breakfast in a few, I really can't be bothered to go check).

So now we are off to breakfast at empire and then the farmer's market for some produce.

Happy Birthday to me.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Hornets...don't like them

There is a nest somewhere outside of the back door. It could actually be in the attic somewhere and they are going in and out somewhere near the door. I am really trying to get to a place of Buddhist calm and reason about not wishing them dead, but ever since I was little and got stung and had to go to the ER to be treated, I don't know, I sorta have this phobia thing about bees and wasps and hornets, oh my.

They dive bomb the back french doors. Do they really think the glass is an open window and they can just come in? I don't know, but if they are that stupid, they can be eliminated as a species dontcha think? It is an ongoing thunk periodically. Not often enought o form a soothing pattern, but distracting regardless. Wisdom says then to get my lazy ass off the couch.

Time to clean the closet, woohoo.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I nearly forgot...

The reward for making my goal will be Season 3 of La Femme Nikita. No buying it before then, not even at a great price. Not until the scale says 243.

That's less than 2 pounds a week. I can be that decisive. I really can.

It's time

I read a quote in Oprah yesterday that said once you make the decision for something to happen, it will. I should get off my lazy ass to get the entire quote, but now that I think about it, the magazine is at work. I will try to remember to get it while I am there tonight. It is in the September issue.

So on to my decision. It's time. Time to move on to the next 10%. I have also considered going back to Weight Watchers, once again hereafter WW, but I really do know their formulations and the leaders can be unbearable at times with their cheerfulness whether canned or genuine. I appreciate that their program has changed once again from the last one I used, but if it workked then, changes or not, it will work again.

10% of the current weight is the initial goal over 16 weeks. That is what I went through last time, though it took me longer than 16 weeks. Loolking at the calendar, 16 weeks from today is December 27th. I do not like the added challenge of the holidays, but if Oprah, the magazine, says it is possible to decide, than I decide. It's time.

I will weigh in each Tuesday morning and track my progress here, so for the next 16 weeks, Tuesday is weight blog day. Let me go hit the scale.

Uh-oh. Maybe it's Aunt flo bloat. She is due any day now. Maybe it is that I haven't been to yoga in a month or so. I just saw the numbers and I know by now, they don't lie. My last venture to WW got me down to about 265 and some time after leaving I hit my goal and was at 260. I started at 297, so I was quite pleased with that. With the help of yoga, I have maintained 260 for two years with a + or - of 5 pounds. I just got on the scale and was disappointed to see a +10.

So there is is. I am starting at 270. The WW 10% plan means I need to lose 27 pounds in 16 weeks. By Xmas, basically. So my new goal weight is 243.

I go back to yoga next week. I am going to make it a priority for the next six weeks and I will see where it takes me in this effort. I know that when I go twice a week I maintain with little extra effort. I also know that just by upping that to 4-5 times a week, I can lose with little extra effort.

Due to my work schedule and Saturday being either a morning shift or a night shift, I can go 4 days one week and alternate 5 days the next. I will even go so far as to commit to doing something yoga at home on the days I do not get to class so I am working toward daily yoga which I know makes me feel better. It's time.

The extra effort for this first 16 weeks is going to fall under the Starbucks sign. I was going to limit myself to only when we go on the breakfast run, currently Starbucks and kolaches. Instead I think I will begin by cutting to 3 times a week. I was going to be stearn and say two, but I am confident I can manage three easily, the brekfast run included.

I used to be quite disciplined and only got Starbucks after yoga class. That is where the 10 pounds is from since I have not been going to yoga, surely. I have already given up Starbucks for this week and next week. Nothing as drastic as a cold turkey detox, but rather I gave that budget to getting some supplies for a coworker of mine who has 20 family members staying with her in her three bedroom apartment since Katrina. E and I went to Costco and got her some stuff. I decided to forgo Starbucks in lieu of that.

So I will add a tracker to the sidebar to help keep me focused and progress will be evident. Decisive, huh?

It's time.

Monday, September 05, 2005

This is how it must start...

949 PM and I am just in from work.

Bowl of mac and cheese with sliced pork tenderloin mixed in.

Tall, no, make that xtra tall amaretto and oj on the rocks.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Where do you start when considering essentials? I was daydreaming today while driving arouind. I know this is not the most appealing combination of activities. I wasn't fully invested in daydreaming, really, but more I have had an awareness lurking somewhere just beneath my consciousness so it manifests quite regularly in my thoughts, dreams, and daydreams.

For much of the past few years, I have felt as if I am on the cusp of a major revelation. What does that mean? Who knows, it is still just beneath my consciousness. I feel inadequate to describe it. What do I need to do to more fully actualize this potential?

My thinking today was along the lines of absolute simplicity of lifestyle. I am not quite sure what this means either, and this is what I was pondering. As I filled the tank of my little Honda Civic to the tune of $33.46, I was glad for only a 13 gallon tank. Gas was $2.89 a gallon. The president came on the tv today urging us as citizens to be conscious of resources. Does this mean do not head to Galveston for some beach time?

Gas is an essential. How much gas is optional.

Without going to extremes, how do you evolve toward a more conscious use of resources? How long is a good test of your willpower? Do you make a deliberately achievable goal like a week? A month?

What do you relinquish?

Maybe I should have taken that nap rather than posting.

tilted universe

Nothing is quite wrong, there is just something not quite right. My boy is here and i love him dearly, but it has the universe just slightly tilted. He does nothing wrong and he really is quite engaging. He just isn't part of the day to day thing called life on a regular basis.

We aren't doing anything particularly different than if he weren"t here, so I don't really get it.

It just is.