Sunday, September 11, 2005


Tht birthday celebration began on Wednesday evening with some nookie caliente supreme. Awesome.

On Friday we went to MiLuna for tapas and then to Soundwaves where E bought me Bloom, a CD of Sarah McLachlan remixes. It is different and interesting and overall after a few listens, I like it. We then went to Half Price Books where I got a Rita Mae Brown book I had never heard of 'In Her Day', as well as 'Mendocino', a book of short stories by Ann Packer.

We then headed to the Continental Club to see an 80s band and drink some beers. Too many beers when I had to get up at 6 on Saturday to work, but we were having some fun.

We tried to get to Empire for desert, but there was no reasonable parking. We ended up instead at Brenner's in tshirts where we had lobster bisque and cocktails at the bar. Very foofy place for tshirts, but goddesses that we are, there was not even a raised eyebrow from the wait staff. Their lobster bisque is certainly divine.

I think we were home by 11 and I promptly fell asleep.

Saturday I worked 8-4 and when I got home I was greeted by a vase of fresh cut flowers from our garden which I should have taken a picture of. Lovely. Next to them was a bag of gifties. A box of Godiva and a book were inside. Not just any book, but one I have had my eye on for a few months now. E totally surprised me by getting me 'The Crochet Stitch Bible'. She luuuuuuuuuvs me.

We then went to Eatzi's and got some food for a picnin at the waterwall. After that we went to see Mystic India at the museum IMAX. Then to Slick Willies and then for desert at Cafe Beneigt(I think I spelled that wrong, but as we are off to breakfast in a few, I really can't be bothered to go check).

So now we are off to breakfast at empire and then the farmer's market for some produce.

Happy Birthday to me.


Elizabeth said...

I love you. Today. Everyday. This year. Every year. Always and forever more I love you.


get to work missy...I want a hat.

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday! And I want a hat too!!

cj said...

Happy Birthday, chick.

weese said...

Happy BirthDay Max!
(ain't that E a cutie)

Elizabeth said...

I am pretty darn cute.