Saturday, September 24, 2005

feed me seymor

So we have journeyed into town to our friend Beth's house. She was lucky enough to make it to her pareents' place out toward Austin and we have her spare key. We wanted a hot meal and alittle bit of net time. All at la Casa de Goddesses is fine. Still no power, but we made it through with nothing but a yard to clean up.

It was cool and windy with cloud cover most of the day so the house only got up to about 80. Hopefully we will be able to sleep comvortably tonight without it being too muggy.

The dogs are happy to not be in a car somewhere and also glad that their humans are not off to work but are home slugging with them.

We were going to maybe watch a movie while we were here, but we forgot that you have to be a grrl genius to operate Beth's remote system. Too much challenge for me. Pass.

I made us some tamales and eggs for le diner and I might be off to make another round before we vacate the premises.

It's all good.

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