Thursday, September 22, 2005


Was that the sound of me relaxing in aunt PAt's huge jacuzzi spa tub?

Fuck no.

That was the sound of me being somewhat rested because I have been asleep in my own bed for 5 hours.

It took us an hour and a half to go the normal 45 minutes to get to the area near E's sister's house. Then it was another hour and a half to get 2 miles further down the road.

There are 4 lanes of highway stagnant. Not moving. Then there are three to four lanes of feeder road to the highway which were not being allowed to merge onto 45 north. We were on the feeder lanes and our 2 miles were better progress than the vehicles actually on the freeway.

After the magnanimous 2 miles, E decided to pull off and rest. As I was following her, I tried to rest also.

It was 97 fucking degrees yesterday and at 330 in the mornning, it was still 82. Does Mother Nature not know it is FALL now?

So we slept or at least rested a little in a quiet little parking lot. Quiet is a relative term of course. We first pulled off and found ourselves at the walmart gas station 'letswaitinlinetiltheygettheirnextgasdelivery' party. There were a shitload of people just communning. There were several truckers sitting in their cozy little air conditioned cabs resting as is normal for them. Well let me tell you, that is fucking loud for the rest of us.

So we went to a little deserted side strip mall where it was relatively quiet.

At 6am, we decide (E decided with me following, I always defer to her as I can deny her nothing) to get back on our trek on 45 north. As we did the little turn around on SH242, E saw the left turn line for 45N and we took a right turn onto 45S.

This is how we got back home. E actually took the boy back to his dad's and I came home. I was home by about 730. I turned the air back on. I then hit the bed. So hence my ahhhhhhhhh I have slept about 3.5 hours.

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