Friday, September 23, 2005

Nearly midnight

I am sitting here looking out the back window at a tree that is positively still. There doesn't even seem to be a gentle breeze milling about. There has been some brief rain, but none that I saw or heard. I only know it rained because I see the patio is wet.

When I switch the channel back to local news, there is a totally different picture. Galveston is getting slammed with the edge of the Hurricane. It has not quite made landfall as far as I can tell, but the current news is about a fire on the Strand in one of the historic buildings. Or maybe it is in the historic district but not a historic building. It is across from the opera house, so I kinda know where they are talking about. It is totally out of control and after an hour, no progress evident in containing it. There is a swirl of sparks that makes the wind visible in an eery way.

Rita, may you stay as calm (here) as you are right now.

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weese said...

we were watching that fire on cnn last night close to midnight. looked impossible to control with the wind blowing it all over the place. I just tuned into cnn again this morning. looks pretty windy but its been thats good!
keep drinking tho...they say there is a storm surge coming.