Tuesday, September 06, 2005

It's time

I read a quote in Oprah yesterday that said once you make the decision for something to happen, it will. I should get off my lazy ass to get the entire quote, but now that I think about it, the magazine is at work. I will try to remember to get it while I am there tonight. It is in the September issue.

So on to my decision. It's time. Time to move on to the next 10%. I have also considered going back to Weight Watchers, once again hereafter WW, but I really do know their formulations and the leaders can be unbearable at times with their cheerfulness whether canned or genuine. I appreciate that their program has changed once again from the last one I used, but if it workked then, changes or not, it will work again.

10% of the current weight is the initial goal over 16 weeks. That is what I went through last time, though it took me longer than 16 weeks. Loolking at the calendar, 16 weeks from today is December 27th. I do not like the added challenge of the holidays, but if Oprah, the magazine, says it is possible to decide, than I decide. It's time.

I will weigh in each Tuesday morning and track my progress here, so for the next 16 weeks, Tuesday is weight blog day. Let me go hit the scale.

Uh-oh. Maybe it's Aunt flo bloat. She is due any day now. Maybe it is that I haven't been to yoga in a month or so. I just saw the numbers and I know by now, they don't lie. My last venture to WW got me down to about 265 and some time after leaving I hit my goal and was at 260. I started at 297, so I was quite pleased with that. With the help of yoga, I have maintained 260 for two years with a + or - of 5 pounds. I just got on the scale and was disappointed to see a +10.

So there is is. I am starting at 270. The WW 10% plan means I need to lose 27 pounds in 16 weeks. By Xmas, basically. So my new goal weight is 243.

I go back to yoga next week. I am going to make it a priority for the next six weeks and I will see where it takes me in this effort. I know that when I go twice a week I maintain with little extra effort. I also know that just by upping that to 4-5 times a week, I can lose with little extra effort.

Due to my work schedule and Saturday being either a morning shift or a night shift, I can go 4 days one week and alternate 5 days the next. I will even go so far as to commit to doing something yoga at home on the days I do not get to class so I am working toward daily yoga which I know makes me feel better. It's time.

The extra effort for this first 16 weeks is going to fall under the Starbucks sign. I was going to limit myself to only when we go on the breakfast run, currently Starbucks and kolaches. Instead I think I will begin by cutting to 3 times a week. I was going to be stearn and say two, but I am confident I can manage three easily, the brekfast run included.

I used to be quite disciplined and only got Starbucks after yoga class. That is where the 10 pounds is from since I have not been going to yoga, surely. I have already given up Starbucks for this week and next week. Nothing as drastic as a cold turkey detox, but rather I gave that budget to getting some supplies for a coworker of mine who has 20 family members staying with her in her three bedroom apartment since Katrina. E and I went to Costco and got her some stuff. I decided to forgo Starbucks in lieu of that.

So I will add a tracker to the sidebar to help keep me focused and progress will be evident. Decisive, huh?

It's time.


crystal said...

Awesome for you! I will cheer you on. Unless you tell me to shut up, in which case I will quietly read and silently cheer.

My mom told me about replacing coffee with green tea (from dr. perricone via oprah). She lost 5 lbs the first week. It promises six lbs in two weeks. So far Matt has lost 10 and I have lost 7. Today would be the two week mark.

While it could be just water, or what-have-you, it was a nice impetus to keep going and monitoring our habits. We've both been trying to eat better and manage the weight better. I've got the fat gene on either side. Last I saw my dad he was near 400 and had to be weighed on a special scale at the hospital where he was having a heart catheterization. He was also still smoking and ate 3 sandwiches within hours of the procedure.

Sorry for the ranting. It's so important to me not let that become my "destiny." I applaud you for your honesty and your efforts.

weese said...

I will be here cheering too.
A little trick I use is to assure myself that its temporary, and that in time I can have whatever it is I want.
That said, I (we really, my svelt wife being the catalyst) have completely changed the way we eat. You are young yet...but at my age I highly recommend Dr. Northrups book - The Wisdom of Menopause. (lots of info on peri menopause...which is starting in our house).
Also we watched Oprahs show last week and she had a couple of Fabulous docs on ... very informative stuff on eating, vitamins etc. Their book is YOU: The Owners Manual.
OK enough blathering... good luck