Thursday, September 01, 2005


Where do you start when considering essentials? I was daydreaming today while driving arouind. I know this is not the most appealing combination of activities. I wasn't fully invested in daydreaming, really, but more I have had an awareness lurking somewhere just beneath my consciousness so it manifests quite regularly in my thoughts, dreams, and daydreams.

For much of the past few years, I have felt as if I am on the cusp of a major revelation. What does that mean? Who knows, it is still just beneath my consciousness. I feel inadequate to describe it. What do I need to do to more fully actualize this potential?

My thinking today was along the lines of absolute simplicity of lifestyle. I am not quite sure what this means either, and this is what I was pondering. As I filled the tank of my little Honda Civic to the tune of $33.46, I was glad for only a 13 gallon tank. Gas was $2.89 a gallon. The president came on the tv today urging us as citizens to be conscious of resources. Does this mean do not head to Galveston for some beach time?

Gas is an essential. How much gas is optional.

Without going to extremes, how do you evolve toward a more conscious use of resources? How long is a good test of your willpower? Do you make a deliberately achievable goal like a week? A month?

What do you relinquish?

Maybe I should have taken that nap rather than posting.


weese said...

I think you should continue to explore this revalation.
I have 'evolved' as you say (love the use of the word) into a more conscience human, on all levels. I am kinder to my body, and kinder to the earth. Conservation is a big part of that...but so is eating mainly vegetables. I am often disturbed with what I see around me and life and it has 'evolved'. I long for something simpler. I am weary of greed and materialist hording.
(well except for shoes of course - one must be reasonable.)
I could talk at length about this... I have very strong feelings .. but this is definetly a cocktail conversation.

maxine said...

Well Weese, I think it is certainly time for cocktails.

Recycling is also a huge part of this. It is disturbing to me that curbside recycling here in Houston is so limited. For what we consume, the only thing we can recytcle really is plastic bottles. We could certainly do better even in this. Our laziness is disconcerting. But there it is, just the same.

I knoow it comes around to making better choices at point of purchase, but I am not really sure where to make changes.


I think about Katrina and wonder what we would miss if we lost everything. What can we do without voluntarily? We are pretty pared down as it is really, but do we need to reevaluate further?

I just don't know.