Wednesday, September 21, 2005

so now i am really in the car

waiting at the boy's dad's house for the boy. Traffic out of town is bumper to bumper gridlock and we will be forced into an evacuation route which will have us sitting in said traffic. Two cars of us. Yippee.

Hopefully we can do a little getaround.


weese said...

we saw the traffic getting out of there on the news last night.

we are expecting a nice sunny weekend up here. and remember we get snow at christmas - very holiday-esque.
you should consider the NorthEast.

Cris said...

glad you are headed out of the storm path.

I agree with weese....its going to be a gorgeous weekend here in the midwest...and we too have snow at christmas.

but i think we all have those places that we must be. we have no prep time, no evacuation time when a tornado hits, but they are not inevitable.

safe travels....connect when you can.

Elizabeth said...


We turned back. It's insanity, sheery insanity out there.

We left Thomas's Dad's house at 1:23 am figuring there wouldn't be much traffic or rush-hour type traffic. That's what I get for thinking. I should just stop thinking.

Because I know some of the side roads we were able to side-step probably 7 hours on I-45 to Dallas and got up to the Woodlands (normally a 1 hour drive) in two hours. Not bad considering we stopped to let the dogs be doggy.

Then I didn't know any more northerly routes so we headed for the interstate. It took us one hour to get what would normally be a two minute drive. IN-FREAKIN-SANE!

It's still bumper to bumper out there and it's also going to be 100 degrees out today. People are going to drop from heat stroke. All the freeways out of town are the same.

Needless to say, we are weighing our options.

Right is the only option.

maxine said...


Been there done that for most of my youth and thank the goddess I escaped.

Thanks for all the good wishes!!

Snow and ice are evil.