Thursday, September 22, 2005

House bound

When most of the city is trying to evacuate and most (if not all by now) businesses are closed, there's always ebay. The internet can be a dangerous thing. C'mon rita bring me a win on my two yarn auctions!!


Crystal said...

Of course now that you say that, the dude on CNN is showing all the traffic flowing nicely. Bah! Be safe, guys.

maxine said...

All traffic not flowing nicely...45N is still pretty much a parking lot and that is where we were and where we would have to go again to have somewhere to go. We're here happily for the duration.

Crystal said...

Yeah, I don't know what they were showing. They had some guy pointing at how the traffic was moving, and now their showing a lot of tail lights in one place.

weese said...

hunkerin' down for the storm eh...
ok well i am gonna be checkin in over the weekend. so keep blogging.
as long as you have enough beer you should be ok.
remember, if you lose power- drink the beer first so it doesn't go bad.
Is E making storm preparations - do you have bottled water?
are the windows covered - or at least taped?
do you have candles?

maxine said...

E was prepared once we bought the beer. We did not buy more water but we did refill bottles from our recycling bin. Does that mean we get points for recyclinig twice?

Candles we have, and we have a flashlight butif we actually had batteries for said flashlight, I think that toys would be a priority for their use.

The large windows are taped.

i think we are well enough prepared, and let's remember:

Rita will take care of us!!