Thursday, September 22, 2005

supplied and in for the long haul

We just got back from the grocery store.

Actually, we went to the little brown market around the corner first. While there, we got the immediate essentials. A 12pak of Bud for E, a 12pak of Budlite for me, and also a six of Pepsi and various bags of chips, cookies, and a couple of Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

That would have been enough had we not needed dog food. E had heard on the news that walmart would be open til 5. There is a walmart about a half mile down the road and yes, I was actually going to go there. The parking lot was empty and I did not even have to turn into their parking lot.

Whew, narrow escape.

However, we still need dog food. So we went to Randalls down the street and we actually got an impressively responsible list of groceries. Real food. Not a lot of beer and crap (as we already had those items in full supply).

So as it now stands, Rita is a Cat4 and might dissipate to a Cat3 before landfall. I maintain that Rita will bring us no arm. I am already designing a Saint Rita tattoo for my calf in the near future.

The decision to stay came after careful consideration. It really is simple common sense at this point. We feel safer in our home than we would in 99 degrees, current temp, on 45 north feeling like sardines if not overheating ourselves, our car overheating or running out of gas.

Rita, c'mon over for Cheddarwurst and beer!

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