Monday, September 26, 2005

inventory part 2

I just took some more stuff out of my car. There were two pieces of art E has given to me, bith done by her. One is part of the ball and chain series and one is a woman holding her tits a la queenmaxine which she painted before we met. It really was perfect as foreshadowing of what was to come.

Then I removed a piece of sculpture I bought on our trip to Switzerland and another sort of sculpture I got in San Antonio. Both are of women and both reside on my altar. Just something about them.

There were two plates which I rescued from my mother just last month when I was home. They are perhaps as old as I am and there is just something about them. E does not really care for them too much I think, but they have always been a fixture and have an intrinsic sentimental value I can't further explain.

Maybe more on the next commercial.


Cris said...

so do we get to see these tenderly saved works of art?

maxine said...

I was thinking of that as I was unpacking them so I willo get pics up soon.

Cris said...

cool beans :)