Monday, September 19, 2005

Dreaming again

Weirdness. I have been dreaming again and they have all been weird. Usually something of my past but I am involved as I presently am. I suppose I should start to wi\rite them down again to see if any sense is to be made of it all. I need to do this before I get out of bed, otherwise they are gone. And as I get up it is often disconcerting to not be wherever I was dreaming of. As I said, weirdness.

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Elizabeth said...

Your weird dreams are jumping over to me because last night I dreamt about being in a living room where pop culture images that were very 60's-esque were flashing on the back of the couch and chairs. Geena Davis was there and I told her I thought the flashing images reminded me of the movie 'Ciao Manhattan' which is this obsure film starring Edie Sedgewick. Geena Davis agreed with me and then I walked around and sat on the floor next to this guy who was in an EZ Boy chair and smoking a joint. He was supposed to pass it to me but he didn't. He passed to somone across the room. I was about to go into joint passing etiquette with him but that's when the dream was weird.

Maybe I shouldn't watch The Surreal World.