Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Last week, I went to class just one time. I had built up to 4-5 classes a week and was feeling great and had a lot of energy, blahx3. There are currently some underlying health issues going on and my energy is just in the toilet. I say underlying because I know something is going on, I am just not quite sure what that is.

The first thing I have done about it is to get health insurance again. I am now waiting to hear of my acceptance and trying to do some Ayurvedic things reccomended by my holistic doc. I think the testing to determine what is ailing me is going to be rather invasive, and in general it is all I can do to not faint for plain old blood work.

My iron is in general low and the doc would love for me to be taking 2-3 iron pills daily, but they really upset my stomach. Someone recommended trying to take one pill at bedtime and see if that works. I am going to stop by Walgreens on the way home tonight and pick some iron pills up and give it another try. The general blah that I feel might be helped that easily.

The other thing I have done was to mention this to E. I have never been one to share my discomfort in this way, so must be I have learned something along the way. She is of course being supportive with just the right amount of fire under my ass thrown in to keep me working toward figuring this all out. She is such a fucking babe. That is never said enough.

I took a moment to discuss this briefly with my yogi this morning, and she agrees with my plan to get in at least two classes a week which will be Tuesday and Thursday. The other three wil remain optional depending on how I feel, and she also suggested that for the two classes I am committing to, that even if I do not feel like it, at least I should still show up and do what I feel I can. I know jow good I usually feel after class, so I *want* to be there. I just don't feel I can manage the same aggressive schedule I was keeping.

The other thing I have accomplished this morning was to mention to Ginger that we want her trio to play at our Union Party.

E and I are having a blessing of our union on July 16th. this marks our seventh anniversary and I think it will be a lovely evening. We have a tentative first draft of the guest list and I think that there are about 50 people on it. I think it might be a nice size crowd of 10-20.

I am still not sure what way to go for food. Ginger's trio was an easy decision because they are good energy and I know her well enough to ask. Food is a different issue. I can and love to cook. And, I am good at it. Do I want to cook for this occasion? Yes, depending on how many people it would be for. No, if it is more than 10. In lieu of not knowing what is going on medically, I have mostly decided to let someone else do the cooking.

Catering is an option and I have considered getting our favorite treats from various places in quantity. Kathryn reminded me recently of Michel.

Michel is the chef who does cooking for some of the retreats out at Margaret Austin Center. His food is exquisite(the man was a personal chef for Picasso), and K says he is quite reasonable. I think my next Union Party to do will be to contact Michel and see what he can do.

For now, I have to go to work. I am at the moment sitting at Panera Bread across the highway from JCP and using their WIFI. Of course, I would prefer the Starbucks atmosphere across the street, but they are a TMobile hotpot and that is not free access. Panera is.
Viva la Panera Bread!!

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