Friday, March 04, 2005

it's only a number

Cholesterol...I had mine checked as part of my blood work with the doc a fewweeks ago and boy, is E pissed. You see, we eat a lot of rich foods. Creamy sauces, full fat infredients, the works. Let me clarify, E is put out because mine is not as high as hers. Mine is actually rather low. A respectable 144.

My blood pressure was high, for me. It was 124 over 80. I am usually pretty consistent around 110 over 70. I think the drama of being something less than well might have been enough to elevate the blood pressure. That, and a fever of 100.6.

Doc: Have you been feverish all along?
Me: Not that I knew.
Doc: Hmmmm...
Me: Of course I was not aware of it til you just told me today, either.

So my appointment was on the 23rd of February and the doc decided to refer me to the GI specialist. The first appointment she has available is April 7th. Joy.

In other news, I secured the Mansfield Collection as new accoutrements for the new bed. It is a dark chocolate color mostly and microsuede. Very rich, very soft. It is nice to see our new grown up bed fully dressed with new bed things. I got the drapes from the collection, too, and they really contribute a lot to the cave effect I am going for in the bedroom. We will have to rely much more heavily on the alarm now. I am going to look today for a couple more accent pillows, and then this room will be virtually done. Not including the bathroom part, but the bedroom part is closing in on done. Oh, except for bedside tables. Not found just the right ones yet.

I have to work 1-9 this afternoon. I decided to bring my laptop in an effort to go with the creative flow. I have been mostly transcribing notes from journals I used when on vacation. I have been thinking more on putting stuff together in a book format lately. Will it be fiction, memoir, etc. All I can do is keep at it until it happens. More or less. Hopefully something at Saints andSinners will further inspire me.

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