Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I got so distracted

I meant to post about my newest of guilty pleasures but got distracted by the topic of that fucker who hit me.

E! Entertainment Television has some pretty bad shows. One of my favorite E! guilty pleasures was Howard Stern. Politically incorrect always, but I just think his ability to be frank and mostly uncensored is funny. Sure he's a sexist pig, but he is so blatant and honest about it and my inner sexist pig finds him somehow refreshing. But in small doses.

I also got addicted to the Anna Nicole show. All Anna, all the time. I was intrigued mostly because she was able to sustain a show for two years and she is just so vapid. Bad, bad, bad TV. I don't really watch TV anymore, so for something like this to catch my attention, if nothing else, ammuses E (my partner not the channel) I am sure.

This past week I have not one, but two new E! shows which have my attention. The Gastineau Girls is a mother daughter socialite duo, yes, vapid x2, and I am hooked. Hooked is of course, a relative term. I won't exactly seek it out, but I will watch it when I come across it. I am not sure, but the other show, Love Is In The Heir, is either a jump up or down the vapid ladder. Princess Anne Claire is a hoot if only because she aspires to be a couintry singer/songwriter and she is just awful.

Train wreck TV.

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