Wednesday, March 09, 2005

how many days off can you request from a reasonable boss who likes you before she goes off on you?

I just monday put in my day off requests whrough june. Working a 4 day week, most requests can be accomodated by switching schedules around among the three receptionists without terrible difficulty. Especially since I mostly ask early. Way early.

NYC for Easter(March 24-28) was approved in November. Then there is April 7 for a doc appointment and April 15 and 16 for the Art Car Parade in Austin. Followed by May 13-15 for Saints and Sinners, and May 27 to seePink Martini, again in Austin. We take a break for the month of June and July 16th we will be blessing our union so I might want a few days then other than the 16th.

So now I find a retreat with Pema Chodron in August (5 days in Denver) that I really want to attend. I can safely consider all my previously requested days approved, but am I pushing it to ask for a few more days so soon? The key here is that I have to send a deposit soon. ASAP, even. And while we are at it, there will be a trip to Las Vegas tentatively the weekend of August 14, as well as a week vaca in Oct (destination TBD), and Thanksgiving and possible Xmas in Dallas. Whew.

What's a girl to do?

None of my days have yet required that I use any PTO, though I am perfectly willing to do so. I think maybe I will do August as PTO and October. Maybe I should just ask if I am asking for too much, but I do not want t consider that the answer could be yes.

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