Monday, March 14, 2005

24 hours and three rolls of toilet paper later...

I have had this intestinal crud (that is the polite description) going on since about xmas. I went to the doc on February 23rd and she did bloodwork and an exam and gave me a referral to a GI doc whose first appointment is April 7th. My bloodwork cam e back great, the only concern being that I am still(duh) anemic.

I have also begun seeing an Ayurvedic doc. That would be Dr. Rob. He and Ayurveda were introduced to me through my yoga center, and rather than airy-faery quackery, a lot of it seems to make sense to me in theory and a lot of it is a sort of preventative medicine. Take care of yourself in the first place, and you might not get sick.

Dr. Rob's first order was to cut out milk. This made a huge difference, but did not eliminate the problem entirely. When I say Dr.Rob again, he saud I needed to do a detox. This is something he recommends between seasons to everyone or at least once a year as a spring cleaning for your body.

Squeaky clean. That's me.

The detox begins witha Fleet's oral enema mixed with water. Drink it down and follow with lots of water. "Expect 4-5 watery bowel movements thoughout the day" Umm...let's just remove the y from watery and stay on the throne all afternoon.

The detoxincludes eating nothing but Kitchari, an Indian rice dish made with spices which continue to draw toxins from your system. Kitchari only for 7 days. I could stand it for one day. I might be able to stand it for three or four days. Seven days is way more than optimistic.

It was such a delight to wake up this morning and pee. I did my business and then pfffft...I farted. Wow! No more water(y) bowel movements.

Yesterday, E and I decided it was our last chance to get the fig tree down. It has been long overgrown into the neighbors yard. Not in itself a problem, but it was about 10 feet tall and that portion of the tree was robbing the rest of the tree and it began to rot and weaken in places. It was also growing further into some wires.

During the process of removing cut limbs, the first one I removed actually, I found a hole in the front yard. I found it by turning my ankle and falling. Badly. Never a good plan when you are detoxing. "Nuff said.

I went inside and cleaned up and the horror of the fall hit me and I just sat there and cried. It was a good cry. Not had one in a while. Ah, release.

If Wrecks flops his heavy bony ass on my hurt foot one more time he might find himself in his crate for the day.

Time for some mindless TV and Nikita.


Elizabeth said...

Baby...I'm really sorry you turned your ankle, and that you don't like the Kitchari but I'm so very glad you were able to fart without incident. Thanks for the sound effects.

As always and forevermore...I love you.

cj said...

You know, we have this wonderful thing AFLAC offers at work called accidental insurance. Not, that I'm saying your accident prone or anything. Honest.