Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Detox update

So I made it a day. The detox gave me the worst headache I have ever experienced. Maybe one of the worst 5 anyway. I know it is a normal side effect of the process and can last up to three days and here I am, day three, with that damn headache lingering.

I waited until I was really hungry to eat on day two which was yesterday. I ate about half a bowl of the Kitchari and decided I just could not do it. I graciously accepted defeat in the form of a couple of plain english butter cookies. About an hour later I worked up to a banana and then I made myself some pasta around 7pm.

When E had her evening bowl of gruel, the smell was nauseating to me.


In yoga today I had a hard time concentrating to work through poses. A couple of time I felt somewhat dizzy and ended up feet up the wall resting. My yogi knows I have some crud invading my peace, so she told me to just go with it and do what I could, and if my body says rest, that I should listen. So, I listened.

I am at Panera at the moment having just had a cup of tea and not really being hungry for anything else, so I will wait to eat. I am thinking maybe just wonton soup from PF Chang's for lunch/dinner when I get my break around 4.

Maybe some chai, yes, that sounds right.

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