Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If I wasn't on vacation in 20 hours I would be so much more pissed

Sumbitch in his new infinity hit my front bumper this afternoon. I imagine he would argue I hit his front bumper, but he would be wrong.

While waiting to exit the bank, a kind driver faery was going to let me turn left past his single lane of traffic waiting to enter the freeway feeder road. Single lane.

Douchebag in his new infinity suv pulls around crossing a double yellow line to get ahead of traffic. He was going like no tomorrow. I was virtually still. Crack.

Really, we barely hit, but both opur bumpers suffered similar cracks down to the metal and I want my new car fixed. soon. will have to wait til after vaca.

I called his insurance right away on the advice of my insurance lady so we will wait and see what happens.

Fuckers, the whole lot of them i wager.

We have the March issue of EP out the door and distributed around town, and today we made extra copies to take to NYC. Thinking global.

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