Friday, March 11, 2005

Wrecks claims a victory

Mother fucker. Can you hear him chanting nanny-nanny-boo-boo?

Last night when I went to bed I was nearly sleep walking. I neglected to take my day's booty out of my pocket. This morning E came to my side of the bed to kiss me goodbye when she left for work.

E: Ooh, there's some money on the floor here (picking it up)
Me: Oh, I forgot to put it away last night, must have fallen out of my pocket when I undressed (not even opening my eyes)
E: Ooh, a lot of money!

Well, E picked it up and put it on the shelf. When I got up about 10 minutes later, there was indeed a pile of cash there. It was $40 short of what I knew I had. That means it did not fall out of my pocket, but rather it was taken out of my pocket, likely by Wrecks.

I did not totally condemn him on the spot. I went looking under the bed and around the house but no cash to be found. Then, I was sitting on the toilet and in walks Wrecks, mother fucker, with a twenty in his mouth. I took it from him successfully and then told him to go get mommy's other twenty. Mother fucker.

So I concede, it is better to be missing $20 than $40, but that fucker either ate or still has stashed somewhere my booty. Updates as they occur.

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