Sunday, September 03, 2006

On the road again...

We have survived the first night of the road trip with GFB (good friend Beth). we did get a bit of a later srart than originally intended, but that.s sorta what being on vacation is about for us, and Beth is learning all about it in what is so far a calm and accepting way. Of course it is day one, and Beth was in Calgary for work for a week having gotten home yesterday at around one and then we turned around and left around six.

I worked yesterday but only 9-2, then packed when I got home. Of course I went home the long way. That would be via the yarn shop which is having its anniversary sale this weekend. I really could have missed that, but Irene has just made her first scarf. I taught her to knit last week and I felt obligated to secure her addiction to knitting before leaving her for a week. She was supposed to come on the road trip with us and we were going to be two knitter grrls happily fixtures in the back seat of the CRV, but work has gotten in the way and she had to bail. Now she has pretty yarn to console her til we return. Yes, I really did *have* to go to the yarn store.

EB also had to work. Her hope was to go in and finish up what she had to finish in about three hours, tops. Her estimates are usually pretty accurate, but of course, not yesterday she was actually there about 6 hours, which I thinks means she burned one of her days off and can actually take another one sometime in the future. On her way home she had to get some food for the boy who is house and dog sitting this week, and then had to pack and geotherwise ready to go. We finally left around 6 I think, and arrived at Beth's folks' about 945. I think we would have made the 930 estimate but we can't go through Giddings without stopping at the DQ, so 945 it was. Beth's mom had dinner waitig for us which was delish, and after we ate, I gave her sister a haircut. Juliew usually comes to Houston for that, but since we're here, it saved her the trip next weekend.

We have a lovely king size bed which I am still lazing in. EB went out for a run and I might upload our first road trip pic after a shower so y'all can see her new 'do.

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