Sunday, September 03, 2006

road chicks

road chicks
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hey y'all, eb here. That's me with the new do. See my bad ass butch self, Kmae. We're just outside Austin right now, ready to eat some grub (that's what people eat in Texas) .

Today we're heading to Crawford. Too bad it's Sept., otherwise we could have dropped by to see the walking Onion Bulb.

The theme of this trip is Texas Watering Holes. The lake kind and the bar kind. We'll keep you posted.



KMae said...

OH WOW, eb!!! Great haircut, Max did you do that, I KNOW you did!! It is COOL!!!! Y'all look great!

Enjoy the Tex-Mex grub (Yeah, I grew up in Texas) & the fun in Austin. What a beautiful City, huh?

WordsRock said...


You do look like a bad-ass butch, eb. What a startling transformation from the suburban PTA parent you used to sport. ;)

WenWhit said...

Hey, something looks different about EB. Oh, I know... the mole was 'shopped out. Hmm. The Quasimodo eye is hidden? Or maybe it's the girly tank?

Teasing, eb. Fucking awesome 'do.

the only daughter said...

Oh, just love the hair!