Monday, September 18, 2006

Is it odd?

I find it interesting that noone in my little blogosphere has mentioned their fantasy football goings on this morning. Admittedly, it is totally beyond me, but I am indeed a cheerleader for the camraderie, errr, trash talking it inspires.

Did everyone get their asses whooped by someone I am not tuned in to?


weese said...

well...there is still a monday night game to go.
(I will be posting pictures of our game results...later tonight)

WordsRock said...

True the Monday night game must be considered.

My team administered another ass-kicking this week. I am loathe, however, to gloat too much because the tide can easily turn. So I'm setting an example of how to be a good winner... sure, sure I am. ;)

Looking forward to those pics, weese!

chapin said...

I got my ass handed to me the second week in a row. No need to brag about that...yet!!

KMae said...

I hate it. It was bad enough when going with men. But I am NOT doing that with women. uck. I'll be watching ANYTHING but sports.
Except for the Superbowl. That I like. Maybe it's the halftime. HA!