Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading again

I supposethe title isn't entirely accurate. I have been reading all along and I might go seek out the titles I have read and add them to my sidebar list. The top three I have read since the road trip which is about the last week.

Iron Girl I actually read on the road trip. We went to BookWoman in Austin and I got 5 or 6 new lesbian fiction books. A couple newly published and a couple new to me. Iron Girl is the latest in the Jane Lawless series by Ellen Hart. She is one of my favorite lesbian authors and her books are often found in the mainstream mystery section. I don't think we had been to the bookstore a day before I picked that book from the bag, setting aside my knitting of the fabulous road trip scarf, and began reading. I just couldn't help myself having an Ellen Hart novel at my disposal and all.

Grave Silence was next, and I whipped through it fairly fast, but not as fast as Fun Home. I had picked up Fun Home on a previous vist to BookWoman, I think when we went to see Rosemary Daniell (linked as Zona Rosa on left) speak. I decided to give it a read because we are planning to go see Alison Bechdel speak in Austin on Sunday. She is linked on the left as DTWOF and I am too hurried to make more links.

I am going to trry to remember to add future reading to the list as it seems to come and go in spurts. I also seem to pick either knitting or reading. In spurts. Maybe I will work on balance.

In other news, The job I was hoping for went to someone else and I was not even interviewed. There is more to the story but patience needs to be exercised. As it turns out there is another position open equally near, but I really preferred to work for Bob. I take it as it wasn't meant to be, but I am a little put out about the lack of process. I might know more of the story if I can get Dana to lunch next Tuesday. Time will lett as it oftend does.

Off to yoga I go.


the only daughter said...

Ellen Hart is one of my favs too. I don't like the Sophie Greenway stuff nearly as much as the Jane Lawless, Iron Girl is on my library request list. I'm 9th in line. Waiting anxiously.

Too bad about the job. Keeping positive energy and thoughts aimed your way.

weese said...

yoga can cure all.
clearly some other position is waiting for you... the universe speaks.

maxine said...

Yes,Weese. Ahhhhhhhh, yoga. I am so glad to be back. Please tell MAW(tm) that I haven't lost faith!

maxine said...

Deborah, I read them as they come out and I definitely like reading in the proper order. There seems to be enough crossover between the series that I think of them as one series rather than two. Meeting Ellen Hart was certainly an interesting experience.